The Setting:  Wildfire is oddly located on the north side of the Perimeter Mall, just north of the Perimeter Dillard’s parking area.  I say oddly, because, they have $6 valet parking for their lot.  And, yet, parking is plentiful just a few feet away….for free.

The Staff:  A bit inexperienced

The Food:  Sadly, our first experience was dreadfully mediocre.  The prime rib, while tender, was more than a little bit salty.  A prime rib French dip sandwich arrived with the au jus spilled.  Over half of the au jus had spilled onto the plate leaving the entire bottom of the sandwich soggy.  And, not just a little bit soggy, so soggy that it appeared to have been sitting in this liquid for quite some time. 

The biggest disappointment of the night was a porterhouse steak.  I’m not sure what was more disappointing, the fact that the porterhouse arrived considerably under-cooked…  or the sub-par quality of the meat itself.  I believe it was the toughest and most gristly steak we have ever been served in a restaurant.  And, at $30+ dollars, there is no excuse for this.  In a restaurant that bills itself as a steaks, chops & seafood restaurant, we found this completely unacceptable.

Normally, we’d give a restaurant at least two chances.  But, our meal was such a poor value for the cost, I don’t think Wildfire deserves a second chance.

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