TBM — Three Blind Mice

Shrimp & Grits

So rich and creamy,  those grits possess real substance and density.  Normally, we wouldn’t think of density as a positive food attribute.  But, in this case, it was.  There was a dense, creamy custard quality that was extremely memorable in the best possible way.

Crab Cake Benedict

Tender and delicate, both eggs were beautifully poached.

The noon-time full house quieted down around 1:30ish.

Counter Culture Coffee

And, there’s a small selection of wine to browse as you wait for your table.

TBM Restaurant
Three Blind Mice
1066 Killian Hill Road
Suite 101
Lilburn, GA 30047
770 696 4139


Another Alon’s Bakery Breakfast

Apple Raisin Bran Muffin, Chocolate Babka, &
Another Divine Baguette

Loaded with finely diced apple pieces and plumb raisins, this muffin fills two needs.  It’s healthy and tasty.

Chocolate Babka

We started with a healthy bite.  So, we felt free to follow it up with a bite or two of rich chocolate babka.

Alon’s Bakery & Market
4505 Ashford Dunwoody Road
Atlanta, GA 30345
678 397 1782


1394 North Highland Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA 30306
404 872 6000

Batdorf & Bronson

Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters
Old 4th Ward Blend

Batdorf & Bronson’s Whirling Dervish Blend

How do you know you’re drinking a good cup of coffee?  Ask yourself one simple question.  Does it feel like a crime to add cream and sugar?  Is that a yes?  That’s some seriously good coffee.

Batdorf & Bronson coffee?

It’s a bright, beautiful world filled with so many shades of good.  Each and every blend is a unique shade of freshly roasted goodness.  Every bag of whole bean coffee that we’ve ever purchased has been roasted within a handful of days.  And, the first wave of flavor hits you with the scent of those freshly roasted beans.

Whole Foods

Dancing Goats Coffee Bar
419 West Ponce De Leon
Decatur, GA  30030
404 687 1100

Heirloom Market BBQ

Smoked Chicken Wings

Those spicy pickles deserve equal attention.  So good, we polished them off too quickly and instantly craved more.

The Georgia Sampler

Ribs, pulled pork…

…brisket and pulled chicken, it was all tender, smoky meat goodness.

Wrapped in aluminum foil, some of the charm (and moisture) gets lost enroute.

Also, thoughtless packaging and an overstuffed to-go bag crushed our Brunswick stew.  We expected more from a barbecue joint that relies on to-go business.  This could’ve been a disaster.

Close to half of the liquid from the Brunswick stew was found on the bottom of the to-go bag.  The plastic bag caught most of the spill, thank goodness.

Heirloom Market BBQ
2243 Akers Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30339
770 850 1008
770 612 2502

Bleu House Cafe

The Bronx Bomber

Fresh Mozzarella, Prosciutto, Sopressata, Salami, Roasted Red Peppers
& A Drizzle of Vinaigrette

It was a delicious monstrosity of a sandwich on a super soft, fluffy hoagie roll.

The Wacky Salad

This salad was a version of their cranberry salad with dried cranberries, broccoli, walnuts, toasted ramen noodle bits, romaine with a vinaigrette on the side.  Yes, it was a little bit odd.  But, it was also surprisingly good.  All the flavors worked well together.  The sweetness of the dried cranberry, the toasty ramen, the rich walnuts and a touch of bitterness from the broccoli, it was a unique harmony of flavors that mingle well with each other.

Bleu House Tuna Melt Special

This wasn’t a standard tuna melt.  The bread wasn’t buttered or grilled.  But, the generous allotment of cheese was nice and melty.  We loved it.

Marinated Vegetables On The Side

Next time, we’ll be getting the marinated olives.

Even when the sky’s gloomy and grey outside, it’s bright and friendly on the inside.  So, there must be a next time.

Just look for the little blue house.

Monday – Friday:  11am to 3pm

Bleu House Cafe
23 Holcomb Bridge Road
Norcross, GA 30071
770 209 0016

Bantam & Biddy

Pork Schnitzel & Fried Egg

Both the egg and the schnitzel were nicely cooked.  But, the schnitzel was more than a little bit bland.

(Duck Fat Fries, Local Cheese Curds, & Chicken Gravy)

Literally swimming in chicken gravy, this might’ve been acceptable.  But, that chicken gravy was excruciatingly bland.

Batdorf & Bronson Coffee

The coffee was the highlight of our meal… by far.

Bantam & Biddy
Bantam And Biddy
(Midtown Location)
1050 Crescent Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30309
404 835 6450

Studio Movie Grill

Long Island Iced Tea In a Fishbowl

How do you set the mood for a movie set in the 80′s?

Step #1:  Order Over-sized Long Island Iced Tea

Coconut Chicken Tenders

Step #2:  Order Coconut Chicken Tenders And Chicken Pesto Pizza

Can you believe this is still on a menu anywhere??

This was perfect 80′s flashback food for watching The Wolf of Wall Street.  We set the mood beautifully.  But, as expected, it was perfectly horrible to consume.  Fun?  Yes.  But, would we order it again?  Not here, that’s for sure.

Buffalo Trace Manhattan?  We hope that’s better.

Light Button For Service At Any Time During The Movie

What was the best part of the meal?  Kahlua Mudslides!

What about The Wolf of Wall Street?  Genius, pure genius.

Studio Movie Grill
3850 Venture Drive
Duluth, GA 30096
770 299 7100

Bento Cafe

Braised Pork Belly

Served with sautéed bamboo shoots (far right) and cabbage.

Stir Fried Noodles

With Chicken, Mushrooms, Black Fungus, Cabbage,
Green Onions, 
& Cilantro

Squid Balls

Passion Fruit With Lychee Jelly

Bento Cafe
5495 Jimmy Carter Blvd
Norcross, GA 30093
770 300 9798

Goldberg’s Bagel Company & Deli

Nova Eggs Benedict

Home Fries With Red Potatoes

Matzo Brei (Or, Matzah Brei)

Sweet or savory, this is jewish comfort food at its best.  This day, we sprinkled just the tiniest bit of cinnamon sugar on top.  But, we love it every way.  Basically, matzo brie is the Jewish version of the Tex Mex style of migas.  Or,  you could say it’s a bit like an eggy French toast scramble.  There are so many ways this dish could be served.  Top it with sour cream and apple sauce, or jelly, or preserves, or fruit compote, or maple syrup for a sweet version.  For the savory version, you might use a bit of extra butter, sour cream, salt and pepper.  It’s all good.

Crispy, Golden Brown Potato Pancakes, Too

Goldberg’s Bagel Company & Deli
Toco Hills Location
3003 North Druid Hills Road
Atlanta, GA 30338
404 329 5000

La Urbana

Spicy Margarita


Or Tequila?

Lunch-time Choices

We must confess.  We had cocktails with lunch.

Guacamole & Chips

Snack Or Meal?  You decide.

Enchiladas De Mole

Roasty, toasty chiles and bittersweet chocolate combine to make a powerfully rich and delicious sauce.  Spicy, complex, smooth and so beautifully well-rounded, we’ll be dreaming about this for awhile.

Chilaquiles Rojos With Chicken

It’s tasty comfort.

Negroni Blanco

Mezcal, Breckenridge Bitters, M&R Bianco, & Lemon Oil

Dangerously good, the scent of lemon is refreshingly present with every sip.

Love the Rebar Stools

Wacky Danny Trejo Mural

La Urbana Tequila & Mezcal Bar
1133 Huff Road
Suite C
Atlanta, GA 30318
404 464 5250