Boiling Crawfish

Boiling Crawfish

The Board Special Boil

This house special boil comes with whole shrimp, one blue crab, mussels, about 8 large crawfish, and a rather small snow crab claw.  There’s one big ear of corn (cut into two) in there, too.

The Special Spicy sauce was spicier than we expected for medium heat (But, this is a very good thing… We wanted hot.  But, FIYAHH! HOTTT! sounded a bit over the top hot for us.)  and quite tasty.  We chose the “It’s kickin’ hot” medium and it had a spicy good kick to it.

Coming from two people who like it hot, we’re not sure if we can take the FIYAHH! HOTTT!, if this was the medium level heat.  Unless we’re feeling brave, we’ll be sticking to the medium.  “It’s kickin’ hot” medium was a spicy level heat that still allowed the flavor of the seafood to shine.  And, the seafood was all fresh, sweet and very tender.  The whole shrimp and mussels were our two favorites of the meal.

The mussels were deliciously plump, distinctively fresh tasting, and beautifully, meltingly tender.

Fried Oyster Basket

The oysters had good flavor.  But, the breading was a bit heavy and more than a little greasy.  Admittedly, this was a late lunch.  (maybe the fryer wasn’t up to temp)  So, we’ll give these oysters another chance.  We think they deserve it.

The sweet potatoes were thick cut and they had a hefty tempura-like batter.  Sadly, heavy breading on under-cooked sweet potatoes was a bad combination.  These need a little bit of work.

But, the House Special Spicy Boil deserves another visit.

We’ll be back soon.

Hmm, interesting…

Boiling Crawfish
5412 Buford Highway NE
Doraville, GA  30340
770 559 5839

High Road — Pistachio Honey Ricotta Gelato

High Road Ice Cream

Pistachio Honey Ricotta Gelato

This flavor is one of our favorites from High Road.

Other Favorites:

Black Sesame
Thai Street Coffee
Rum & Date
Bourbon Burnt Sugar
Caramel Pecan

But, we’ve had trouble finding pints of High Road ice cream and gelato that aren’t more than a little bit icy.  We blame the freezers at Whole Foods.  (This has happened to us before at Whole Foods.)  We find it hard to believe that this gelato lingers for very long in their stores… so what else could it be?

High Road Ice Cream and Sorbet

King Of Pops

King of Pops
(Coconut, Banana, & Orange)

This wasn’t a favorite flavor.  And, it was a bit too icy.

We’ll stick to getting our pops at The Window or King of Pops cart spots.

Better luck next time… for us.

King of Pops

Nam Phuong — Shaking Beef

Shaking Beef

On a bed of pea sprouts, this was delicious.


Eggplant & Chicken In Black Bean Sauce

Both eggplant and chicken are lovely and tender.

As usual, we started with a green papaya salad.

Don’t worry.  There are plenty of shrimp hidden in there.

Nam Phuong
5495 Jimmy Carter Boulevard
Norcross, GA  30093
770 409 8686

Co’m Vietnamese Grill

House Salad With Grilled Shrimp

Plenty of chopped cilantro, deep fried shallots, and roasted peanuts make this a great dish… again.

Shaking Beef

Fusion Pad Thai with Lamb & Shrimp

All good, again.

Iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk, times two.  It’s dessert coffee.  And, we love it.

Co’m Vietnamese Grill
(Co’m Grill Restaurant)
4005 Buford Highway NE
Suite E
Atlanta, GA  30345
404 320 0405

Banner Butter — Small Batch Cultured Butter

Banner Butter
(Sea Salt)

Banner Butter

Great butter on homemade bread makes the world a brighter place to be.

Find Banner Butter available at one of these locations:

Star Provisions

H&F Bread Co.

The Fresh Market

Whole Foods (Ponce, Briarcliff, Sandy Springs)

Alon’s Bakery (Virginia-Highlands)

Oak Grove Market

La Calavera Bakery

Banner Butter
3731 Northcrest Road
Suite 3
Atlanta, GA  30340
404 500 6738

Sweet Grass Dairy

Sweet Grass Dairy
Green Hill
Soft-Ripened Cow Cheese

…And, The Thomasville Tomme
(Aged 60 days)

Both were lovely.  But, if needed, we’ll go out of our way to find the Green Hill.

Divine… cheese love… period.

Can you say grilled cheese built on thick slices of a rustic country loaf with cultured butter and Green Hill?

We know you can.

We found both of these at the Sandy Springs Whole Foods.

Sweet Grass Dairy

The Dairy
19635 US Highway 19 North
Thomasville, GA  31792
229 227 0752

The Cheese Shop
123 South Broad Street
Thomasville, GA  31792
229 228 6704

D’Cuban Cafe

D’Cuban Cafe

Cuban Sampler

Emapnada, croquettes, tostones, papa rellena,
and yuca frita

It’s all good.

Huge chunks of tender, shredded chicken fill the empanada.

This huge platter could have been a meal for two.

Lechon Asado

Onions were browned beautifully before adding the tender shredded pork that was full of all the flavor you would expect in a beautifully cooked pork roast.

Griddle Toasted Buttered Bread

Ropa Vieja

This was an incredible brunch-time feast.

We were clearly done eating for the day after all of this.

D’Cuban Cafe
6200 Buford Highway
Suite L
Norcross, GA  30071
770 447 0877

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scouts Cookies
Thin Mints & Samoas

Have you bought your Girl Scouts cookies yet?  You still have a few days left.

…if you can find them, that is

But, guess what?  There’s an app for that.

Girl Scouts Cookie Booth Finder

Do you have to buy at least one box a year?  We do.  It’s tradition.

Meet This Year’s Lineup Of Girl Scouts Cookies:

Meet The Cookies

What’s your favorite?

Harvest Snaps — Snap Pea Crisps

Lightly Salted

These are keeping it weird.  That’s for sure.

Weird and greasy…

Wasabi Ranch

The wasabi is quite mild.  Yet, it still manages to dominate these crisps.

And, for our taste, both of these were very salty.  Too salty.

…Yes, even the lightly salted variety