Magners Irish Pear Cider

Magners Irish Pear Cider

Light, crisp, and refreshing… though, it is a bit sweet.  It’s not too sweet.  Plenty of bubbles keep this super light and bright.  The flavor of fresh, slightly tart pear is lovely.  This was really quite nice.

We’ll definitely be drinking this again…

Magners Irish Cider

Pecan Pie M&Ms

Pecan Pie M&Ms

Very interesting…  We mildly enjoy the touch of burnt caramel flavor.

We’ll confess to the occasional movie theater purchase of peanut M&M’s.  But, we almost never buy plain M&M’s.  As a matter of fact, we can’t remember the last time that we’ve eaten a plain M&M.  But, we’d definitely buy these pecan pie M&M’s again… for a candy fix (if our options were limited to grocery store purchases).

White Candy Corn

Buttery, melty white candy coating flavor…

The white chocolate lover enjoyed these in very small doses.

El Don

El Don’s Guacamole

Chunky pieces of avocado, cilantro, a little citrus, and a touch of onion, all blend beautifully.  But, it’s all about the avocado as it should be.  We both loved this.

We both preferred the roasted salsa.


These were tender pieces of unadorned and (as far as we could tell) unseasoned pork.  Were they fried?  Maybe.  But, where are those crispy bits that we’ve come to know and love?  The bowl in the center was a third type of salsa.


Churros y chocolate?  Next time.

If we’re in this area, we’d probably return for another round of chips and guac.

El Don Mexican Bar & Grill
6320 Atlanta Highway
Suite 1
Alpharetta, GA  30004
678 404 5473

Hash Brown — SweetWater Brewing

Hash Brown
India Style Brown Ale
SweetWater Brewing Company

Incredibly good… incredibly drinkable…

It’s a little bit malty.  The roasty malt is smooth and creamy with a whisper of bitter chocolate.  There’s an air of barely there sweetness.  But, that’s balanced with just the right dose of bitter.  A bright tangy citrus hop kick and a bit of sticky, earthy pine keep this interesting.  It’s better than interesting.  The careful balance of it all is absolutely lovely.

We’re loving it.

SweetWater Brewing Company

Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale — Well’s

Wells Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale

At first scent, it’s overpoweringly sweet.  But, then… it’s a whole lot of “eh”.

This is not a favorite.

Still, we must say that we’re more than a little bit eager to make a batch of gingerbread with one of these bottles.  If that works out, we’ll use the remaining bottles in the same (or, a similar) way.

Charles Wells Brewing

Co’m Vietnamese

Fusion Pad Thai
With Lamb & Shrimp

So many herbs and sprouts cover this dish…

…and tender shrimp

…and slivered brussel sprouts

Green Mango, Papaya, & Apple Salad
(Topped with Grilled Lamb)

The grilled lamb slivers adds the perfect finishing touch to this mountain of salad perfection.

We’ll never stop loving this dish.

Co’m Vietnamese Restaurant
4005 Buford Highway
Suite E
Atlanta, GA  30345
404 320 0405

The Greater Good Barbecue — Again

The Greater Good Barbecue

On this early dinner visit, Greater Good’s barbecued ribs were gorgeously tender, seriously meaty, and delicious.

So, we’d say that’s back to normal for Greater Good.

That’s a lot of ribs for half a rack.  We had plenty left over for midnight snacking for two… easy.

Mac & Cheese With Brisket Chili In Back

Brisket Chili.  Every time.  Period.

Half Chicken, Collards, & Green Beans

It screams smoky on the outside.  On the inside, it’s oh so tender and delicious… again.  We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve had The Greater Good’s smoked chicken.  But, we do know it’s been deliciously smoky, moist, tender and incredibly edible on almost every visit.

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA?  Yes, Please.

Now, please.

The Greater Good Barbecue

The Greater Good Barbecue

The Greater Good Barbecue
Chicken & Ribs

This visit was a bit unfortunate.  We arrived a bit between meal services.  And, the chicken and ribs seemed to suffer a bit from this fact.  They were room temperature and a little bit more than a touch on the dry side.

In all of our visits, this is the first time for this… so, we’ll reserve judgment for now.  And, we’ll be back.

Their brisket chili is deep, dark, and spicy.


The Greater Good Barbecue

Cuban Sandwich

Cuban Sandwich

If you make a Cuban sandwich, you should have Cuban bread.  But, this is Subway’s Cuban sandwich.  So, we probably shouldn’t expect too much.

They do have an Italian roll.  And, we’d say that it has a better texture than most of Subway’s other options.  For a fast food Cuban sandwich, this wasn’t bad at all.

Nine Grain Wheat?

The texture and taste of this bread was significantly less enjoyable.


The Crafty Hog

The Crafty Hog

Ribs are a must.

Tender, moist and smoky, these were quite good.

SweetWater Brewing Hash Brown India Style Brown Ale sits in front.  The darker Avery Ellie’s Brown Ale hides in back.  They met our cravings on a cold, rainy day.  Both are very drinkable.  And, we’ll be sure to seek out both of these again.

The Southern Pickle Fry

We loved the pickled red cherry pepper, jalapeños and whole okra.  Unfortunately, the pickle chips dominated the very generous sheet pan full of all things fried.  We were constantly scavenging for the peppers and okra.  The pickle chips were a bit overpowering.  So, we neglected them for the most part.

Brussel Sprouts With Bacon

Crispy… delicious… period.

Smoke House Corn On The Cob

1/2 Chicken With Smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese
and Collards

The chicken was tender and mostly pleasant.  But, it was a bit too wet with sauce for us.  The mac and cheese was dominated by a creamy sauce.

We enjoyed the (black) peppery Hog Wash Sauce.

Hog Wash and Deep South are the two sauces that sit on the table.  The others are offered on the side with your plates.  Deep South was quite sweet (too sweet for us) and tomato-y.

If we’re in the area, we’d return for another round of ribs and brussel sprouts.

(We made 3 meals out that full rack of ribs up there.)

The Crafty Hog
652 Concord Road SE
Smyrna, GA  30082
770 801 8815