Down Under Dive Shop — The Lulu

Down Under Dive Shop

Gulf Shores

Liu Fu

Liu Fu

Double Cooked Pork Belly

Pork Belly, Red and Green Bell Peppers, Black Bean,
Scallions, & Onion

Spicy, Crispy Chicken

Crispy Dry Fried Chicken, Red Bell Peppper,
Scallion, & Celery

We’ll be back for more.

Liu Fu Restaurant
11625 Medlock Bridge Road
Johns Creek, GA  30097
678 957 8889

Asian Supermarket

We’ve been dying for an excuse to run into this market (opened in early Feb.).  Finally, we needed a new batch of jasmine tea.  This location was quick and easy.  And, we were beyond thrilled with the assortment.  The market might be a touch on the small side.  But, the glass jars of tea are beautiful.  We left with nearly one of each glass jar.  We simply had to buy one of each.  The beautiful buds were too hard to resist.

Jasmine Buds & Osmanthus

A Gorgeous Jar of Pearl Green Tea

Rose Buds & Another Brand Of Osmanthus

Hibiscus Buds



We’ll be back for more tea.  We’re sure of it.

Next Time:

China Kitchen


Red Pepper

Spicy Stew, Noodles, Or Both?

We’ll probably try both.

Asian Supermarket
5150 Buford Highway
Atlanta, GA  30340
470 395 1968

Saigon Tofu

Saigon Tofu

We’re keeping this one brief.  Our visit to Saigon Tofu (5000 Buford Highway) was “eh” to unfortunate in just about every way.

Of the three types that we sampled, we’d have to say that each of these fell into the “ok” category.  Not bad, not great…. just ok.

Both the deep fried dumplings and patê chaud were predominately dough.  The deep fried dumplings were beautifully dark golden brown on the outside.  Under that golden exterior, they were far too greasy to be edible.  And, the pate chaud (or, bánh patê sô) appeared to be composed of quite big and fluffy layers.  But, inside, each had about 1 Tablespoon of filling or less.  That’s just way too much dough to filling.  We ate the one bite of filling and tossed the hard, greasy dough.

Another unfortunate incident involved the Vietnamese coffee that we were served.  We were given the very last serving of a pre-made gallon jug of coffee.   By the time we made it to our car and took a sip, we ended up with a big mouth full of condensed milk.  The bottom half of our to-go cup had settled into something that very closely resembled pure condensed milk.  So, yeah, that didn’t work out for us either.  It was much too sweet.

We’ll give them another try… some day.

Pearl Lian

Pearl Lian

Tuna Nicoise?

These tuna slices hide a mountain of baby greens, grated carrots, and cherry tomato halves tossed in some form Asian spiced vinaigrette.  Tuna Nicoise?  No.  This isn’t Tuna Nicoise… not in any world.  But, the tuna was fresh.  The center pieces of tuna were cooked quite nicely.  But, two slices from each side of the tuna steak were over cooked to the point of being hard to chew.

Phad See U

Now, this dish was good enough to warrant a second chance visit.

An Adorably Small Pot of Tea

For two, this will give you each a full cup of tea plus one refill.


312 Urban Wheat Ale
Goose Island Beer Co.

Citrus-y with a touch of honey crisp apple, it’s easy and effortless to drink.

Gamberetti alla Pesto

The proportions of it all were executed beautifully.

It was all… just right.

Nerd Alert Pseudo Pilsner
Monday Night Brewing

Light, bright lemon made even lighter, brighter and fizzier in a super frosty glass.  The tartness transitions to a slightly more complex hoppy lemon with a dash of pleasantly balanced, subtle bitterness. Crisp and lovely, it’s perfect for summer.

The Sofia

It’s a beauty of a pie.

It was good to the last bite.


Next time:

Vitello Polpetta

800 North Main Street
Suite 100
Alpharetta, GA  30009
770 559 4674

Popcorn In A Pickle

Trader Joe’s Popcorn In A Pickle

Super puffy and dilly popcorn…

But, it was a bit too salty for both of us.

Trader Joe’s

Southern Smoq BBQ

Southern Smoq BBQ

Ribs & Pulled Pork

Smoked 1/2 Chicken

Smoky, delicious…

Gorgeously smoky, lacquered exterior, perfectly tender inside…

This tastes even better than it looks.

Pulled Pork

This was more smoky, tender goodness.

Sweet Potato Fries And Mac & Cheese

Collard Greens & Potato Salad

Multiple Sauces?  Check.

There are four sauces on the table.


The Spicy Sauce
(Be sure to ask for some of their spicy sauce, too.)

The chicken and ribs were worth the long drive… and then some.  The very next time that we have a little time to kill, we’ll be back.

Southern Smoq BBQ
7380 Spout Springs Road
Suite 450
Flowery Branch, GA  30542
770 965 3900

Redlands Grill

Redland’s Grill
(previously J Alexander’s)

Here, old favorites live on under a new name (mid 2015).

Grilled Artichokes

French Dip

Thin slices of gorgeously cooked prime rib make this a nostalgic, crave-worthy dish for us.  We’ll never tire of it.

Grilled Pork Tenderloin

It would be an understatement to say the portion sizes are generous.

Even with the new name (re-named circa mid-2015), it feels like old times.

Redlands Grill
5245 Peachtree Parkway
Norcross, GA  30092
770 263 9755