Florida & Fast Food

Sometimes, you just have to take a road trip.

Beer (Redhook) Battered Fish (Cod) Sandwich
(530 Calories)

For fast food, it was really not bad at all.  Lots of fresh iceberg lettuce added a nice layer of crunch.

Natural Cut Fries
(360 Calories For A Small Order)

This batch of fries was fresh out of the fryer.  So, they were actually quite good.

…for fast food fries.

We both find Burger King to have the most disgusting (inedible) of all the fast food fries.  Hot or cold, they’re just downright disgusting.  McDonald’s and Wendy’s make the most edible of the fast food fries.  We’d give these third place in a fast food fry competition. (if they’re fresh out of the fryer, that is.)


Hop Dang Diggity

Hop Dang Diggity
Southern India Pale Ale
(Jekyll Brewing, Georgia)

This one delivers a crisp rush to your senses right up front.  Then, it comes alive with complex flavors that bombard your taste buds with a pleasantly mighty vengeance.  Bitter hops dominate while rich malty goodness rounds out the edges and adds a touch of sweetness in the best way.  Bright, clean pine adds a lovely earthy tingle that lingers in your memory.

Hop Dang Diggity IPA
Jekyll Brewing

We won’t forget about this one.

Happy National Beer Day!

Jekyll Brewing

The Bay

Faux Ya Ya

Super fresh, those shrimp were sweet and tender.  The swirls of arugula added a gorgeous bite to the rich cream sauce.  And, the polenta cakes were a gorgeous balance of light and substance.  The deep corn flavor has us ready and eager for the summer ahead.

The Bay’s Lobster Roll

Stuffed with close to a dozen tender claws and a bunch of big knuckle chunks, this fluffy, top sliced roll was all about the lobster.  Wisely, it’s very lightly dressed.  And, only the tiniest amount of finely diced celery and chive are present to add a hint of flavor.  The lobster is free to shine.

30A Beach Blonde
American Blonde Ale
(Grayton Beer Company, FL)

As you’d expect, it’s a bit light and airy with some barely there floral notes.  We appreciated that lightness after a long, hot day in the sun.

We were, too.

Draft Beer & Wine Board

“It’s too chilly for outdoor seating.”

Oh, you Floridians, you’re adorable.

Behind us, this dock went on forever into the darkness.

It was a gorgeous night.

The Bay Restaurant
24215 Highway 331 South
Santa Rosa Beach, FL  32459
850 622 2291

Florida Sunset

Sometimes, you just need to go to the beach and watch the sun set.

Take the time to savor every moment.  It’s time well spent.

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Moonie’s Texas Barbecue

Moonie’s Texas Barbecue

Another visit, another barbecue feast to remember…

and then some…

The Ribs

The Brisket

The Pork & Brunswick Stew

It’s all good… so very very good.

The Brisket Chili

It’s rich, delicious and absolutely chock full of beef.  Smoky beef and rich tomato sauce swimming with spice make this more than a side dish.  Sometimes, we’ll make a meal out of this generous portion.

But, it’s the ribs that we just can’t live without.  We’re already craving more.

So tender, they demand to be eaten.

Leftovers?  Equally divine, they were tender and succulent hours later.

It’s all about the spicy sauce.

Another near perfect meal from start to finish?  Check!

It might be over a 40 minute drive outside of the city.  But, it’s worth each and every second of that drive.  Take a little road trip.

Moonie’s Texas Barbecue
5545 Atlanta Highway
Flowery Branch, GA  30542
678 828 8366

Picnic In The City

A Mostly Quiet Place With A Little Bit of A View

By day…

Or, by night


Dumplings In Chili Oil

This blend of spices, sesame and chili oil was divine.

We were graciously offered rice to devour the remainder as we waited for the rest of our meal.  Every table in this cozy little restaurant was packed to capacity.  (We’re pretty sure there were around 10 tables or less.)  But, there was never a service issue.  We enjoyed the leisurely pace of the service.  It allowed us the time to savor each dish.

Boiled Fish Fillets In Chili Stew

Tender fish fillets swim quite literally in a stew of chili peppers, bean sprouts, and cabbage.

An extra spoonful of finely minced garlic adds an extra kick, too.

This rich medley of flavors and textures is rightly called a stew.

And, it truly is a masterpiece.

And, now for something really spicy…

This sizzling platter comes with a wave of pepper smoke that is not for the light hearted.  Dry fried chicken with chili peppers, cilantro and onions… and wood ear… and snow peas… and leeks… and garlic…

We spy at least 4 different chili peppers in there.

And, wow!  Just wow.

The flavors were tremendous.  Smoky, spicy, fresh, and even sweet, we loved the tight rope balance of all things delicious.  We couldn’t resist taste after taste…. even as our taste buds cried for mercy.

Master Piece

Or, is it Masterpiece?  Either way, we have a new love.

Just go.  Seriously, find the time to go.  You won’t regret the long drive to Duluth one bit.

3940 Buford Highway
Duluth, GA  30096
770 622 1191

Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade

Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade

Rose In An Edible Form = “Interesting”

The powerful combination of rose and lemon mingle together without fighting for center stage.  And, the ginger adds a barely there bite of sharpness.  This was probably one of the most (if not the very most) enjoyable of all things rose that we’ve tasted.  So,we’d buy this again… on days that we want rose to overtake our senses for the rest of the afternoon.

Alon’s Bakery & Market
4505 Ashford Dunwoody Road NE
Atlanta, GA  30346
678 394 1781


Criminal Sin IPA

Twain’s Original Ales

The Olivia Burger

That’s one gorgeous burger topped with pickled green tomatoes, pimento cheese, house bacon and arugula.  On the side?  Those are super crisp, parsnip chips.  Golden brown and delicious?  Check.

Loved it!

Cooked to a perfect medium rare, that’s perfection in our eyes.

Poutine With Fried Egg

A giant mountain of skin on crispy, dark golden brown fries, cheese curds and rich brown gravy, let’s top it with an egg and call it a meal (or giant snack) for two.

It’s one hot (seriously delicious) mess.

Twain’s Burger List

Apple Waffle With Ice Cream And Bacon Sugar Tuille

Twain’s Brewpub, Billiards & Tap
211 East Trinity Place
Decatur,  GA 30030
404 373 0063

A Glimpse Into Our Weekend

Lake Keowee
(Lighthouse Restaurant In The Background)

By car or boat, hang out and have a beer at the Cabana.  If you’re hungry, it’s only a few extra steps up that sidewalk to the Lighthouse restaurant.

Ranger IPA
(New Belgium Brewing)

All Day IPA
(Founders Brewing)

This was a gorgeous day to remember.

Lake Keowee Cabana

Lighthouse Restaurant
1290 Doug Hollow Road
Seneca, SC  29672
864 888 4446