Las Vegas, Crepes & Wicked Spoon

Las Vegas

Where the ridiculous meets the sublime…

It all started one day with a simple little lunch with Anthony.

No, ok, seriously…

We were lucky enough to have crystal clear skies all the way from Atlanta to Vegas.

Now, this is a view…

The colors were vivid in some places.  In others, it was a watercolor postcard.

The time flew by quickly with views that went on for miles and miles.

Pictures simply can’t grasp this scale of beauty.

Every little glimpse into the canyon brings something new.

If only every flight offered these views…

Between the two of us, we’ve been on more than a few flights.  (And for one of us, more than a few flights to Vegas alone) But, these views were unforgettable.

Tip # 1 When Traveling To Vegas:

Don’t forget your sunglasses.  The sun was brutal.  And, this was November.

Love crepes?  There’s a version…

…or two to be had here.

Paris (La Creperie), Bellagio (Jean Philippe Chocolates and Pastries) , Crepe Expecations or Crepe Shack & Waffles


Looking for a hotel?  The Cosmopolitan

It’s gorgeous.

And, it’s quirky.  But, quirky in the best possible way, this vintage cigarette machine is filled with art.

Each piece?  $5

The cherry on top?  The Wicked Spoon!

Yep, it’s a buffet.  And, the lines can be long.
(Though, they weren’t on this bright and early morning.)

The best part?

Most items are dished up on little plates ready to go.

To Be Continued…

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger — The Double-Double

Aren’t they just demanding to be eaten?

And, the fries?  They simply can’t be ignored.  As a matter of fact, they deserve almost equal attention. They’re delicious.

(Psst… Be sure to ask for the fries “well done”.  That makes their already top notch French fry even more extra crispy and dangerously craveable.)

If it’s possible to have a favorite fast food burger, In N Out Burger is ours.

…by far

These are seriously noteworthy burgers and fries not only for their taste, but, also for their cost.  Each Double-Double is just $3.35 each.  And, the fries are $1.60.  That’s incredibly good for a meal that we really want to eat.  We didn’t “settle” for this meal.  We actively searched for In-N-Out Burgers… more than once.  We admit this fact freely and downright proudly.

In N Out Burger… LOVE IT!!

In-N-Out Burger
2900 W Sahara Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89102
800 786 1000

In-N-Out Burger
4888 Dean Martin Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89103

The Slanted Door

The Slanted Door
Charles Phan

Here’s another cookbook filled with all things delicious.

So many recipes…

Even the desserts are beautifully covered.  First on our list of things to try from this book on the sweet front?  Vietnamese style tres leches cake complete with the absolutely brilliant idea for a Vietnamese coffee soak.  Also, the recipe within that recipe for made from scratch sweetened condensed milk.  This demands our immediate attention.

The Slanted Door

G & M Restaurant & Lounge & Dogfish Head Alehouse — Maryland

G & M Crab Cakes

Everyone at the table agreed, these were seriously good to great crab cakes.

Chock Full Of Tender Crab

The crab was super fresh.  And, huge chunks of tender and sweet crab were present throughout each very generously sized crab cake.

Plating?  Let’s call it… interesting.

Green Beans

Fresh with a nice bite and buttery, these were quite good.

And, the cauliflower?  Eh, it’s hard to get excited about cauliflower.  But, it was fine.

These are huge.  So, you can order a single crab cake or a double order.


G & M Restaurant & Lounge
804 Hammonds Ferry Road
Linthicum Heights, Maryland  21090
877 554 3723

Dogfish Head Alehouse

On Tap

60 Minute IPA
(Dogfish Head Brewery)

Very good!  …And very sorry it wasn’t followed up with 120 Minute IPA.

(This definitely warrants a return visit when it’s available again.)

Crab Cake, Asparagus, & Broccoli

The asparagus was grilled beautifully.

The crab cake was quite nice and perfectly fine.  But, the crab was very finely shredded.

Two Crab Cakes, Asparagus, & Spinach

Dogfish Head Alehouse
800 West Diamond Avenue
Gaithersburg, MD  20878
301 963 4847

Pandan Cakes

Honestly, we weren’t expecting much.  So, we were very happily surprised with these.  They’re a bit like a Twinkie.  But, these are so much better than a cloyingly sweet, greasy (paste-y) cream filled twinkie.  They’re softer, fluffier, less greasy, and just all around tastier.  We actually want to eat these.  There’s a freshly floral, creamy sweetness to the custard that you would expect from a sweet treat containing pandan.  As usual, the scent of pandan was nothing short of intoxicating for us.  We immediately wanted another little cream filled cake.

Euro Pandan Cake

It’s hard to gauge the size of these cakes.  They’re a bit smaller than we expected them to be.  Each little cake is about 4-5 bites.  One cake would make a nice substitute for a cookie.

70 Calories Each

Great Wall Supermarket

Chateau De Saigon

Fried Tapioca Shrimp

Bun Bo Hue

Fried Fish Topped With Lemongrass

The topping of ginger, lemongrass, onion, and scallion lightened up this fried fish dish nicely.  It was pleasantly fresh with a nice bite of thinly julienned ginger.  The breading on the fish was a touch on the salty side.  But, the fillet was fried crisp with a moist, tender interior.

Chateau De Saigon
4300 Buford Highway NE
Suite 217
Atlanta, GA 30345
404 929 0034


Grilled Idaho Trout

And Edamame With Sesame

White Chocolate Grill

An airport chocolate bar and…

Purple Mountain Coffee

Sean Brock — Heritage

Sean Brock — Heritage

So beautiful…

What’s the best way to kick off this holiday season?

Reward yourself first.  You deserve it.

The Charleston Light Dragoon’s Punch

Sean Brock’s Cracklin’ Cornbread

Sean Brock’s Chocolate Chess Pie


Northern China Eatery

Mandarin Pie

So crispy and piping hot, it took every ounce of our patience to wait.

Golden brown in places and soft, tender nooks hide in other spots.  Then inside, buttery tender pork, green onion, chive and… is there finely chopped shrimp, too?  So incredibly good, we’re ready for more.  Now.

Not all chili oils are created equal.  But, this one was a winner.

An Interesting Assortment of Breakfast Options
(Served All Day)

We’ll have to try those lamb soups…

Hot Pot With Fish Fillets

A spicy option for $1, hell yeah.

Napa cabbage maintained a nice bite.  It wasn’t overcooked or overpowering.

Hand Cut Noodles With Seafood In Red Sauce

Tentative tastes of hot broth were rewarded.

Those gorgeous noodles hiding beneath the surface were our reward.

We’ll be working our way through this list.

Northern China Eatery
5141 Buford Highway NE
Suite C
Doraville, GA 30340
770 458 2282


Makan’s Ramyun

Bowl one…

And, here’s bowl two.

Sharing?   That’s just crazy talk.  We both wanted our own bowl.  And, we weren’t disappointed.  The powerfully rich broth was a complex union of deep, dark meaty stock and bean paste.  The combination made each of the two better by association.

Both bowls were full of noodles with a lovely bite.

And, the eggs were softly boiled to rich custardy yolk perfection.

Korean Fried Chicken Bao
& A Vinegary (Swift Kick To The Taste Buds) Kimchi

Both dishes were fine, but, not favorites for us.  We’ll be returning again and again for Makan’s Ramyun.  (We ordered these first.  And, we barely had time to blink before we were nibbling on kimchi and our warm and fluffy little bao.  On a quiet weekday, this was very fast food.  If we were in need of a quick bite, we’d definitely look here before we resorted to those sort of places that shall not be named.)

Boxer Rebellion

A couple sips in someone remembered to snap a shot of their after lunch cocktail.

This will definitely be one of our favorite holiday season cocktails.  This was a bit sweet, but, not too sweet with gorgeous complexity.  And, as it was meant to be, bourbon makes it all better.

Love it!

On a quiet (work free) afternoon, we couldn’t resist grabbing a cocktail.

Makan Cocktails

Charred oak rye, POM, honey, and lemon… that will surely be next.

Open doors invite you into this patio space.  It has us wishing for an early spring.

Last week’s gorgeous fall colors are fading fast.  But, this day was a beautiful (and delicious) memory.

130 Clairemont Avenue
Suite 100
Decatur, GA 30030
404 996 6504