Orpheus Brewing — Atalanta

Tart Plum Saison

Orpheus Brewing

Rule #1:  Do not drink this out of the can!!!

Rule #2:  See rule #1.

Once removed from said can, it’s a pleasure to drink.

We might overuse the word lovely and delightful.  We have no intention of stopping.  When deserved, we’ll be saying it again and again.  Actually, we’ll be saying it right now.  This one is refreshingly light, lush and lovely.  It’s an absolute delight to drink.

Gorgeous effervescent bubbles…  This is all things brightness and light.

We can’t remember the last time that we drank beer from a can.  (White Thai, Westbrook Brewing Co., here, probably)  Suffice it to say, we haven’t been drinking a lot of beer out of a can.  So, when we pulled the can off of our icy cold six pack, we opened it immediately…. forgetting that we had just seriously agitated the can.  It erupted in a fun, foamy, festive mess.  And, we loved it.

We weren’t sure what to expect from this saison in a can.  But, this was lovely, bright, clean, and tart.  For us, the best sips were the first icy cold sips.  But, as the temperature rises, there is an awakening in complexity.  The fruity rich depth of plum fills our nose and taste buds.  There is a pleasantly yeasty quality.  But, the sour yeast-y notes are so delicate and pleasant it feels wrong to describe them in that way.  It’s more of a refreshing, day light bright, fresh, fruit-y, crisp, over ripe citrus-y, yeast-y balancing out in the background.  The word elegant springs to mind.

If a bright, funky fresh saison and cava had a baby, it would be this.

We want more…. BEER FROM A CAN!  Hell, yeah!

Love, love, LOVE IT!

Orpheus Brewing


The Usual

Woodford Reserve bourbon, St Germaine, Simple Syrup,
and lemon

The usual?  It will be now.

Punch Drunk

Deep Eddy cranberry, Deep Eddy lemon, lemonade,
and soda

This was tasty, but, a touch too sweet.  But, we think we might need to try this again to be sure.

Warm Pretzels With Mustard

The House Burger

Duck Fat Fries

Beautifully cooked and full of flavor, this was a great burger.

The Capitalist Pig Dog
(With Pork Belly, Fried Egg, & Guiness Mustard)

This definitely falls in the messy, but good category.  And, we were pleasantly surprised by the tasty bites with super crisp (deep dark golden brown crackly crisp) pork belly bits.

327 Memorial Drive SE
Atlanta, GA  30312
404 681 3344

White Oak Pastures — Eggs

White Oak Pastures

Fresh… fresh… fresh…

These were carried home from the White Oak Pastures shop in Bluffton, GA in our road trip cooler.

White Oak Pastures
Pasture Raised Brown Eggs

But, White Oak Pastures eggs can be found at local farm markets and a number of Whole Foods.  Though, in our attempts to find these eggs, Whole Foods has been sold out on more than one occasion.  We’ve personally had good luck finding them at the Sandy Springs and Briarcliff Whole Foods locations.  Also, check out the White Oak Pastures website (here). And, for a list of Public and Kroger markets check their website (here). Another most interesting (or odd, or convenient, depending on your individual outlook) source to procure your White Oak Pasture eggs would be Doguroo.

Whole Foods

Sandy Springs

Atlanta Area Market Delivery

Fresh Harvest
(Check their “This Week’s Harvest” List)

Garnish & Gather
(Though, their website states local farms, here.  So, this may vary by day.)

Atlanta Farm Markets

East Atlanta Farmer’s Market

Atlanta Area Restaurants

Bacchanalia, Restaurant Eugene, Holeman and Finch, No. 246, Buttermilk Kitchen, Leon’s Full Service, Kimball House, Wrecking Bar, Miller Union, Staplehouse, Empire State South, Arepa Mia, Spotted Trotter, The Cockentrice, Atlas, Yeah! Burger, and more.


They’re worth every penny.

Beulah Farms
Spring Place, GA

For comparison’s sake, we bought a dozen Beulah Farms eggs, too.  These were also quite good.  The freshness and taste of these eggs will keep Beulah Farms on our radar.  And, if White Oak Pastures eggs are sold out, we wouldn’t hesitate to buy Beulah Farms eggs again.  They’re a top notch backup, for sure.

Dai Nam Vietnamese Restaurant


…and lots of fresh herbs get us off to a great start

Bánh Khọt

Crispy rice pancakes with shrimp and herbs…

Crispy on the outside, tender in the middle

We’re ready to nibble.

House Favorites — Bun Mang Vit

(Bún Măng Vịt – Duck & Bamboo Shoot Vermicelli
Noodle Soup)

Bún Măng Vịt

A mound of tender, chopped duck sits on top of even more herbs and vegetables.  Then, that is topped with another dose of chopped herbs and deep fried garlic.  To say everything we ordered was dished up with generosity would be an understatement.

Tender, buttery duck…. delicious… period.

Put it all together…

As You Like It

Then, enjoy every bite of it all.  We certainly did.

Bún Bò Hue

Chopped herbs become one with the broth.

When we mentioned that we loved sate (or satay chili paste, or ớt satế, or ớt sa tế), we were given a generous condiment bowl filled with it.  Then, once again oozing generostiy, they came back with a second bowl.  This time a finely chopped, fresh red chili was added to the bowl.  We couldn’t have been more delighted.

Simply put, we can’t wait to return.

Dai Nam Vietnamese Restaurant
1210 Rockbridge Road
Suite H
Norcross, GA  30093
770 680 4987

Com Mai — Bún Măng Vịt

Com Mai’s Duck & Bamboo Noodle Soup

(Bun Mang Vit… Or, more accurately, Bún Măng Vịt)

The Duck

The Soup

They become one.

Add herbs, if you like.  But, honestly, why wouldn’t you?

So much goodness in one bowl, we’re happy.

Bún Măng Vịt (Or, BN4)

Seafood Egg Noodle Soup

Light & Flaky

This was another lovely meal from start to finish.

Com Mai
1455 Pleasant Hill Road
Lawrenceville, GA  30044
770 564 2292

Com Mai

Com Mai’s Squid Salad

Gỏi Mực Kiểu Thái Lan

Cilantro, roasted peanuts, squid, shredded carrots,
shredded red onions, & garlic

Gỏi Mực Kiểu Thái Lan (Or, A15)

Duck Noodle Soup

Mì Vịt Tiềm

Also Known As — M1

It’s a winning combination of flavors.

Bún Bò Huế

Generous quantities of…. everything, really.

Che Thai
(Asian Fruit Cocktail On Ice)

There’s an incredibly unique texture to this crushed ice.  It’s just too much fun to crunch up all of that ice.  Then, take a sip of the coconut milk.  And, then, nibble up a bite of fruit.

Surely, brain freeze hovers in our not too distant future.

Lovely, really…. in so many ways.

Sweet coconut milk is loaded with lychee, mango, tapioca noodles and/or ribbons, jack fruit, and roughly chopped ice.  Alternating bites of fruit with sips of sweet milk and crunchy spoons of ice cuts the sweetness.  It’s a refreshingly unique blend of flavors and textures.

Cafe Sua Da (In Back)

After this visit, the iced coffee is now a required ending to every meal.  We won’t be tiring of it (or Com Mai) any time soon.  We’re sure of that.

Com Mai
1455 Pleasant Hill Road
Lawrenceville, GA  30044
770 564 2292

White Oak Pastures

White Oak Pastures

Could the day have been more beautiful?  We don’t think so.

There’s a little market inside.  Eggs from pasture raised chicken, grass fed beef, grass fed lamb, and pasture raised poultry are just some of the offerings.  Or, if you don’t want to make a 3+ hour drive outside of the Atlanta area, they have pick up spots at local farmer’s markets.  And, the eggs and a variety of meats are available at Whole Foods.  (That is…when they’re not sold out.)

Tucked around back, you’ll find the Dining Pavilion.

Head over to the little window near the daily specials board.

Choose a daily special or grab a regular menu from the top of the board.

Then, hang out a bit and wait.

Lunch Time

Now, this is serious road trip food!

The Farmer John Burger

We couldn’t resist their burger topped with one of their divine eggs.

Loved it!

Crispy potato wedges dusted with rosemary were equally delicious.  We loved every bite.  Clearly, some one has already stolen a wedge or two.


Food made with loving care, it shows.

Beef & Bacon Melt

One look at all of that crispy bacon, we were happy.  It didn’t disappoint.  The bacon was perfection for extra crispy bacon fans.  (That’s us.)

Stuffed inside was a mountain of rich, tender beef.

In a word, it was delicious.

It’s worth a drive or a detour on your next round trip.

We brought a couple dozen eggs home with us… and a trachea or two.  That’s not a sentence you say or write every day.  We brought home two dehydrated grass fed cow tracheas. Next time, we’ll get a couple grass fed cow ears.  Our little pup found the tracheas a bit tricky to get her mouth around.  These are probably best for a larger dog.  The grass fed cow ears will fit her size.  Or, maybe we’ll try a square of grass fed beef raw hide.  Nose to tail and everything in between, they mean business.

There’s an assortment of other items, too.   Honey, T-shirts, hats, leather goods, beef tallow candles, and soap are just a few of them.

This one is ours!  It’s our new favorite shirt.

Seriously comfy, we wear it proudly.

Everyone we met was friendly and inviting.

We can’t wait to return and explore.  We were invited to explore and wander around the grounds even more.  Next time, we’ll be sure to allow time for that.  We enjoyed every minute of our visit.  It was the perfect place to stretch our legs, recharge our batteries in a peaceful setting and linger over lunch.

If we could work every road trip around this stop, we would.

White Oak Pastures
22775 US Highway 27
Bluffton, GA  39824
229 641 2081

Marianna, Florida PoFolks & Quality Inn

Fried Chicken, Hushpuppies,

 Black Eyed Peas

Mac & Cheese

Fried Okra

Turnip Greens

We were starving.  So, this meal was better than expected.

Quality Inn – Marianna, Florida

Ah, Florida’s Cave Country…

It’s a vast hidden treasure of cave diving opportunities.  But, the accommodation (hotel or otherwise) choices are quite limited.  Vintage, weathered, and rustic would be three kind words to describe most of them.  Most of them have seen better days, to say the very least.  This is one of the better alternatives available.  (We say this sincerely.)  Mini fridge, microwave, mini coffee maker, hair dryer, powerful shower (with hot water..no, this is not always a given) and a tv with more than 10 channels?  Yes to all!  And… There’s a clean lobby with the standard assortment of mini muffins, bagels, juice, coffee, and DIY waffles for breakfast.  In the past, we’ve ignored the free breakfast like the plague.  But, it’s convenient if you happen to run out of Clif bars and early morning options are limited.  If the nearest breakfast takes you 30 minutes in the wrong direction or costs an hour of much needed sleep, a DIY waffle sounds pretty OK.

And, now, after spending a bit of time in variety of hotels (and other unique accommodations) off the beaten path in rural Florida, it’s not the worst breakfast option that we’ve seen.   We’ve seen some “interesting” things.  (Did you know that some rentals consider sheets to be optional?)  It’s amazing how your expectations can adapt to fit your available options.

(Convenient to Jackson Blue)

Devil’s Den, Blue Grotto, & Bubba Que’s

Devil’s Den

Blue Grotto

Sleeping on the floor…

…It’s where you sleep when your reservation is made for the wrong Saturday.

Bubba Que’s

Bubba Que’s

A Misty Morning & What Not To Eat

Imagine a world where…

Oddly, this wasn’t the worst part of the meal.  That distinction goes to the greens.  The greens were easily one of the worst thing we’ve ever had the grave misfortune to taste… metallic, dreadfully overcooked, and just downright awful in every way.