Beach or Swamp?

What’s the last thing you’d expect to see on your way to this lovely beach?

Before you hit the beach, you drive right by this…

“Hey, wait a second.  What’s back there?”

“Is that a swamp?”

“Yep, that’s a swamp alright.”

“Hmm, beach or swamp?  That’s a tough one.”

“No, not really.”

St Andrews State Park

Pho Dai Loi

Phở Đặc Biệt

Pho Dac Biet = Beefy Rich Heaven

Tender and delicious, that brisket was pure pleasure to eat.  But, as usual, the magic is in that liquid of the Gods.  It’s pure heaven. Heavenly soup perfection…

Bún Bò Huế

On the flip side, this is sinfully spicy and wickedly good.  And, now’s the time to enjoy it while we can.  The baking heat of summer is right around the corner.

We loved every bite… again.

Pho Dai Loi
(Pho Dai Loi Restaurant # 2)
4186 Buford Highway NE
Suite G
Atlanta, GA 30319
404 633 2111

Fung Mei

Yes, that’s kimchi in the front with hot and sour soup in the back.  That’s not something you get to say every day.  So, I’m sayin’ it while I can.  This place is equal parts weird, fun, and funky.

There’s more than a little bit of coarsely ground black pepper on our shrimp.  Red chili peppers make an appearance, too.  At first glance, we weren’t sure about this.  In the end, we enjoyed it.

Salt & Pepper Shrimp

This was definitely an interesting version of the dish.

When we were done there was more than a cup of mixed veggies and assorted chili peppers left over.  So, we took our mountain of white rice and spicy veggies to go and made a very tasty fried rice as a midnight snack.  We remember enjoying that even more than the original dish.  So, what’s the moral of this story?  In the end, always remember to make lemonade out of lemons.

We still remember (very fondly) the shrimp and Chinese chive dish from a previous visit.  Next time we’re in the area and in the mood to eat at Fung Mei, we might revisit that dish.

Fung Mei Chinese Restaurant
1605 Pleasanthill Road
Duluth, GA  30096
770 935 8888

Panama City Beach & Jetty

Panama City Beach, Florida

We might still be wishing (more than a little bit) that we were here…

Or, more specifically, we’re wishing to be in there.

Quiet beaches, beautifully crystal clear water and not a cloud in the sky, we loved every second.

It was the perfect beach day.

We kept our bare toes off the dunes and on the gorgeous sea shore.

Perfect timing…

We had plenty of time for one last wander around the beach before the clouds started rolling in with the late afternoon breeze.  Still gorgeous and we enjoyed the cool air after a long day in the sun.

That looks like fun, too.  But, we kept our feet on the ground.

Panama City Beach, Florida
(St Andrews State Park)

Saltwater Grill


Hunt’s Oyster Bar

Angelo’s Steak Pit

JD’s Bar-B-Que

JD’s BBQ Brisket & Ribs

This is one of those occasions when the image fails to capture the moist and tender nature of these generous slices of brisket.  A little drizzle of sauce was added.  But, the beef was quite tender and moist without any added sauce.  This brisket was incredibly beefy and oozing smoke in the best possible way.

Loved it!

Under that dark layer of skin was super smoky and tender chicken.  This was also quite good.  But, in the end, we both preferred the brisket and the ribs.

The griddle fried corn and spicy (and tangy in the best way) collard greens were our favorite sides of the day.  As a matter of fact, we tried to make a meal of that sweet corn.

Hmm, which did we prefer?  Was it the spicy or the hot?  It’s hard to be sure.  Both were quite nice.  But, we believe the hot was the hottest of the three.  And, the hottest was our favorite.  That’s actually true in most cases when it comes to barbecue sauce.

If we’re ever in this area again, we would most definitely make a pitstop at JD’s BBQ.

J.D.’s Barbecue
6557 Bells Ferry Road
Woodstock, GA  30101
678 445 7730

Thai Restaurant Of Norcross

Seafood Salad With Green Chili Peppers

Meltingly tender slices of scallop remain to be one of the highlights of this dish.

The carefully cooked shrimp is incredibly tender, too.

This gorgeous salad is absolutely loaded with seafood.  The greens add fresh bite, crunch and color.  But, this salad is all about the tender seafood.  We noticed both red and green chili peppers.  Most of the peppers were finely minced.  But, there were plenty of thin slivers, too.  Those slivers serve as a clear warning to the diner that there will be a healthy dose of spicy heat to be had in this salad.  We’ve loved this salad for years.  And, we still do.  It’s one of our all-time favorite things to eat.

Loved it!  Again.

Num Tuk

Or, is it Num Tok?  Or, is it Nam Tuk … or Nam Tok?

By any name, it’s divine.

Tende slices of beef mingle with shallots, red onion, green onion slivers…

…and gorgeously fresh mint.

Deep Fried Catfish In Green Curry With Thai Eggplant

Fresh green beans, green peppers, red peppers…

…loads of fresh basil and beautifully green Thai eggplant.

Thai Restaurant Of Norcross
(Thai Of Norcross)
6065 South Norcross-Tucker Road
Norcross, GA  30093
770 938 3883

Antico Pizza Napoletana

San Gennaro

Salsiccia, Bufala, Cipolline, & Sweet Red Peppers

The ratio of dough to toppings were beautifully balanced, again.

Crisp, airy bubbles along the edges with a nice chew inside… So, we have great texture combined with an even better flavor.  And, a nice touch of smoke adds that something special.

Right down to the very last slice…

This was one deliciously divine pizza …again.

But, don’t forget, they’re closed on Sunday!

Antico Pizza Napoletana
1093 Hemphill Avenue NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
404 873 3799
404 724 2333

Las Brasas — New Location Coming Soon

Las Brasas — Coming Soon

We see a sign for Las Brasas on the side of the building that previously housed Burnt Fork BBQ (Behind McDonald’s at the intersection of Church Street & Commerce Drive).  The sign reads “Las Brasas Peruvian Restaurant & Bar Coming Soon”.  Awesome chicken and a bar?  We’re hopefully optimistic.

Lotus — Bo Nuong Vi

Bò Nướng Vĩ

Bo Nuong Vi
Sizzling Lemongrass Beef & Egg

Seconds before arriving to the table, this egg was cracked onto that sizzling hot platter.  Give it a few seconds or so.  Then, it’s cooked to perfection.  We seriously love this dish.

Love it!

Each gorgeously tender piece of beef has a pink center.

A Mountain of Beautifully Fresh Herbs & Lettuce

(Or, Bo La Lot.. Or, Bò Lá Lốt…
Or, Thịt Bò Nướng Lá Lốt)

All time favorite?  Oh, yes.

As expected, this was delicious…. again.

Fresh Lime, Black Pepper, & Salt, Too

Lotus is a restaurant we’ve loved from day one.  And, we still do.

Lotus Vietnamese Cuisine
2550 Pleasant Hill Road
Suite 408
Duluth, GA  30096
770 622 9693

Varuni Napoli

Varuni Napoli

The Porreca Piccante Pizza

Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella, Hot Soppressata, Capicolla, Nduja, Vessuvian Cherry Tomatoes, Spicy Italian Peppers, Pecorino Romano, & Basil

All things spicy and delicious on one pie?  Yes, please!

Good to the last slice…

Scratch that.

This was great to the very last bite.  We devoured every crumb.  And, we’re both craving another one now.  Please make it just like this…

Varuni Napoli Pizza
1540 Monroe Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
404 709 2690