Grub Burger Bar

Grub Burger Bar

Voodoo Burger

Absinthe mushrooms top this burger along with swiss cheese and Tabasco mayo.  We immediately broke into a discussion about the possibility of a perfect grilled cheese topped with those fabulous absinthe mushrooms.  This was a good burger topped with incredibly memorable mushrooms.

The menu states that all burgers are cooked to a juicy medium well.  But, they will cook to your preference.  We requested medium rare.  This burger was quite close to that.  Good beefy flavor, but, it was a bit too fat rich.  A meltingly tender beef patty was the result.  So, we might be willing to take the good with the bad.

Crispy Sweet Potato Fries

Crispy outside, tender and sweet inside… that’s everything a sweet potato fry should be.  But, these were very heavily salted for our taste.

The Guacapotle

We requested medium rare for both burgers.  This one arrived to our table cooked closer to medium well.  But, that rich fat content kept the burger juicy.  Still tasty, but we would have preferred medium rare.

Onion Rings

Super crisp and very VERY heavily breaded, we’ll be sticking to the sweet potato fries on our next visit.  This was breading overkill.

Crawfish Pistolettes… that will surely tempt a return visit.

Ghost Burger…. maybe next time, too.

We had to flip a coin to decide between the Bourbon & Caramel and the Nutella milkshake.

Nutella won.  This was a very fluffy shake with loads of whipped cream.  We’d guess that it was at least 50 percent whipped cream.  And, it was still quite tasty.  But, that’s just too much whipped cream for both of us.  Hopefully, this was a fluke.

Grub Burger Bar
2470 Briarcliff Road
Suite 47
Atlanta, GA  30329
678 254 0930

Red Velvet Oreo

Limited Edition Red Velvet Oreos

We confess.  Oreos are one of an extremely short list of packaged cookies that we will buy at the grocery store.  Yes, it’s definitely a very rare occasion… maybe once or twice a year we’ll buy a package.  Sometimes, we just can’t resist them.  But, we just don’t make a habit of it.  Oreos and ice cold milk are a guilty pleasure of ours.  Oreos and strong mug of coffee work for us, too.  Some might be deterred by the words “ARTIFICIALLY FLAVORED” blaring unapologetically across the top corner.  Or, maybe the smaller print stating “flavored creme” under the words cream cheese might give you pause.  But, no not us.  We will not be dissuaded.  We like Oreos.  We really do.  And, these two packages are coming home with us.  Two cookies weigh in at 140 calories.  They’re a guilty pleasure… a very rare occasional indulgence.

These packages are smaller than the regular Oreos.  Each package contains 21 Oreos.  And, when you crack open this package the scent of something reminiscent of cream cheese frosting hits your nose.  Eaten as a whole, the cookie is quite nice.  It tastes a bit like a significantly sweeter Oreo with a milder crisp chocolate cookie and a super sweet butter-y and more vanilla rich cream.  If you’ve ever tasted cream cheese frosting out of the plastic tubs sold near the cake mixes (Bleh, cue shiver.), it’s a bit like that… but slightly better.  There’s a delicate tang.  Then, there’s that inevitable and unmistakable processed aftertaste.  The fault of a large dose of fat?  Probably.  But, paired with the slightly bittersweet chocolate cookie, it’s not that bad.  The crispy reddish brown chocolate cookie is very tasty without the cream.  While eating our second cookie, we scraped the cream out.  Mmm… much better.  The crispy cookie is always the best part of an Oreo anyway.

Better than the original?  Never!

Would we buy them again?  Maybe.  We would have to be craving an original Oreo.  And, the original Oreos would have to be sold out.

JR’s Log House


Again, quite nice.  It’s dense (but not too dense), delicate and crumbly.

Fried Catfish, Okra, & Collards

Again, its served piping hot straight out of the fryer.  Every time we’ve entered JR’s thinking, “Eh, I’m just not crazy about catfish.”  But, we leave saying, “That was really good.”  And, that goes for both of us.

Smoked Turkey Salad

It’s a very simple salad of chopped romaine, smoked turkey breast, shredded cheese (We’re guessing that it’s white American cheese.  We’ve never asked.), and about six dill pickle slices.  The smoked turkey breast is clearly chopped just before serving.  It’s moist and tender with a nice touch of smoke.  This is old school diner meets the smokehouse.  The charm of that is almost irresistible.

JR’s Log House
6601 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
Peachtree Corners, GA  30092
770 449 6426


Sambal Petal

Tender Shrimp, Green Beans, Red Pepper, And Onions Sautéed In A Richly Flavored Sauce (With Mild Heat) With Shrimp Paste

We love this dish.  It’s an all-time favorite.

Penang Atlanta’s Assam Laksa

Spicy Hot, Sour, & Savory

This bowl was filled right to the brim.  Piping hot, spicy lemongrass broth will soothe you with it’s bright warmth.  And, a multitude of powerful flavors will jolt your taste buds to vivid attention.

To quote Grosse Pointe Blank:

“It’s a swift, spiritual kick to the head that alters your reality forever.”

- Debi Newberry

Isn’t that exactly what you’re craving on a wickedly cold winter day like today?

Penang Atlanta
4897 Buford Highway
Suite #113
Chamblee, GA  30341
770 220 0308

Wild Heaven — Eschaton

Wild Heaven Craft Beers
(Belgian Style Quadruple Ale)

Rich dark caramel-y malt, complex dark fruits, dried cherries, pleasantly sweet vanilla oak, it’s packed full of lovely layers of flavor that come together in a unique way.

We loved our first taste of Wild Heaven’s Eschaton.  And, we’re still loving it today.

Wild Heaven Craft Beers

Whole Foods
We found ours at Whole Food’s Briarcliff location.)


Wood Grilled Salmon With Black Trumpet Mushrooms…

Fregula, Fennel Fronds, Pickled Peppers & Celeriac Puree

Touched with smoke and gorgeously tender, this divine piece of salmon was a delight topping buttery, toasty fregula.  But, the deep dark woodsy appeal of those beautiful black trumpet mushrooms deserve equal attention.  This was a heavenly rich meal on a cold winter day.

Loved, loved, loved it!

Cajun Breakfast

Crispy Brussel Sprouts, Andouille, Eggs,
Corn Griddle Cakes, & Gravy

Seasonal Vegetable Plate

Kalettes With Pear, Collards, Cornbread…

& Broccoli Rabe Topped with Pickled Peppers

It’s all good… seriously good.


Honeysuckle Prophecy

Vodka, Aperol, Grapefruit, & Honey

The Cool Hand & Cucumber Gintini

The Cool Hand

Bourbon, Vanilla, Framboise, & Bitters

The Cucumber Gintini

Gin, Cucumber, Mint, & Lime

Every seat was full for this weekday lunch by the time noon hit.

We’ll be returning to sample the menu from top to bottom.

(Southbound Atlanta)
5394 Peachtree Road
Chamblee, GA  30341
678 580 5579

Chocolate Bars

Red Hot Cinnamon Love Crunch

They say red hot.  And, they mean red hot.  The crispy, crunchy streaks of cinnamon brittle are fiery hot.  The cinnamon oil flavor and heat dominate the chocolate.  This bar definitely falls firmly in the “interesting” category.

Cherries & Almonds In Dark Chocolate

Love poem inside?  Too cute.  This is a snappy little bar with just enough cocoa to make this enjoyable for the dark chocolate fans.  It’s mildly dark in a pleasant way.

Peppermint In Dark Chocolate

Another love poem?  Before opening, we’re hoping and praying that it’s not the same poem.  Whew, it’s not.  This is a solid dark chocolate bar touched with peppermint oil.  It’s a delicate dose of minty oil that’s blended right into the chocolate.  It works as a background element to this bittersweet bar.  We enjoyed this bar significantly more than we thought we would.

Salazon Chocolate Co.
Dark Chocolate With Sea Salt & Caramel

Dark Chocolate with salted caramel and sea salt crystals, that’s usually a winning combination.  From bite to bite, our enjoyment varied based on the number of salt crystals in each bite.  Too much salt?  In some bites, we’d have to say yes.  But, hey, a portion of the proceeds go to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s work to protect the trail.  That’s a great excuse to justify buying a bar of chocolate filled with gooey caramel.

Salazon Chocolate


Theo Chocolate

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Divine Chocolate

Divine Chocolate
Dark Chocolate (70%) With Raspberry Bits

Gorgeous packaging, lovely bitter (in the best way) dark chocolate with gentle touch of sweetness, and vividly bright bits of freeze dried raspberry…

Those bits of raspberry keep us hovering on the fence.  The crunch of the raspberry seeds add pleasant intrigue.  But, they’re a touch sour.  That’s “fine” and a bit interesting in small doses.  But, we’re still stuck on the fence with this bar.

Again, just look at that wrapper.  That’s some seriously brilliant and gorgeous packaging.  We both enjoyed this dark chocolate fruit and nut bar considerably more.  Currants and almonds, yeah, that’s quite nice.  (It’s probably our favorite out of the Divine bars that we’ve sampled.)  Divine bars have been hit and miss for us.  If you factor in the quality and cost, this one is a real hit.  But, it’s a twist of sheer luck that Divine Chocolate’s clever packaging keeps calling out to us.

And, we’re sure to try the dark chocolate with mango and coconut… as soon as we can fine one.

If you’re the type to gift out random sweet treats and surprises this week, a stack of high quality bars (our favorite bar) wrapped with a fancy bow would make a great first gift.  Or, you might consider trying a small basket of bars and other pretty little candies decorated with fresh flowers. Or, put together a high end cocktail making basket with hard to find bitters and a gorgeous shaker.  Or, make a basket full of green teas with an artful mug at the center.  Or, how about a matcha making kit?  Or, a basket of soaps, lotions, creams and fragrances (Body Shop’s Absinthe and Honey are someone’s favorite in this house.)  Or, you might want to wake up your special someone with a tray of croissants and/or pastries served with their favorite coffee in bed.  An effortless start to the day wins hearts everywhere.  It really is all about the little things that you do every day to make someone feel loved.

Divine Chocolate

Whole Foods

The Body Shop

Lake Champlain Chocolates — Five Star Bar

Lake Champlain Chocolates
Five Star Bar

These dense, chunky little bars are quite interesting.  The lighter truffle-like center reminds us of creamy milk chocolate dotted with tender sour cherry halves, praline, and crunchy fresh pecan pieces.  Then, the cherry and praline rich chunks are dipped in a darker chocolate.

It’s the soft, tender cherries with a tart bite that make this bar memorable.

Lake Champlain Chocolates

Whole Food

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