Dive Bar Shirt Club

Northside Tavern
Atlanta, GA
April 2014

On The Back

Northside Tavern

The Club Ms. Mae’s
New Orleans, LA
May 2014

We heard about the Dive Bar Shirt Club some time in April.  If you visit their Facebook page about 7 or 8 days into the month, you’ll find a picture of a bar and hint or two about that month’s dive bar shirt.  When we saw the pictures of Northside Tavern for the month of April, we had to sign up.  For $22 dollars a month (or, $24.50 for XXL), we’ll receive a t-shirt for the dive bar of the month and an oversized postcard that offers a few pictures of the bar of the month along with a brief history… until we cry uncle.  (If you don’t want to commit to a lifetime supply of dive bar t-shirts, there are other options, too.)

Someone got this as one of his birthday presents this year.  But, it’d make a great Father’s Day gift, too.

Dive Bar Shirt Club

Aladdin’s Mediterranean Grill

Aladdin’s Hummus

Chicken & Beef Shawarma

Lamb Shish Kebab

Each big chunk of lamb was medium rare and beautifully tender.

Even next to all of that delicious meat, the hummus deserves equal attention.

Grilled Pitas Served Warm

Every visit, our meals have been consistently good from start to finish.

Don’t forget the spicy sauce on the right.  It’s a favorite.

Patio & Hookah Corner, Too

Aladdin’s Mediterranean Grill
8725 Roswell Road
Atlanta, GA 30350
770 518 9288

Vietnamese Coconut Waffles @ VN Tofu

Bánh Kẹp Lá Dứa
(Vietnamese Coconut Milk Waffles)

Rich with coconut, mildly sweet, fluffy, delicately spongy, and a little bit dense, these were both satisfying and tasty.  We broke each waffle into quarters and simply nibbled them plain.  No toppings were needed.  One day, they made a lovely snack.  The next day, leftovers were devoured as a quick grab and go breakfast.

VN Tofu
5495 Jimmy Carter Blvd.
Norcross, GA 30093
678 691 0628

Varuni Napoli

The Mastu Nicola

Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella, Caciocavallo, Lardo, Smoked Red Peppers,
Guanciale, Pecorino Romano, Fresh Basil, & Black Pepper

This was a real beauty.

We were perfectly satisfied after one pie.  But, we couldn’t resist the Don Gaetano.

The Don Gaetano

Pomodorino Tomatoes, Spicy Calabrian Peppers, Pancetta,
Garlic, Pecorino Romano, & Fresh Basil

This topped another round of gorgeously charred dough.

Good to the last slice.

Correction, make that good to the very last bite.

Order At The Counter

Then, find a seat.

And, settle in with a drink for your short wait.

11:30Am On A Quiet, Rainy Day

We can’t wait to spend some time on this cozy patio with two giant trees providing warmth to the space… once the rain stops pouring down on us, of course.

Sfogliatelle & Cannoli To Go

The Sfogliatelle…

Oh my goodness, it’s too good.  We’ve never had one quite this divine outside of New York.


Varuni Napoli
1540 Monroe Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
404 709 2690

Doritos Jacked Test Flavor 2653

We had to try these.  If we’re in the mood for a crunchy, deep-fried processed chip-type snack, chances are very high that we’re reaching for a bag of Doritos.  Unless we’re buying blue corn tortilla chips (Whole Foods) for dipping, that is.

Three Test Flavors

Test Flavor 2653

In our eyes, these were the clear winners.  They’re the most unique and interesting of all three test flavors.  They have a bit of a chipotle bbq spice vibe with a hefty dose of smoky bacon and a little dark chocolate mole thrown in for kicks and giggles.

Test Flavor 855

These could easily be the epitome of generic cayenne spice.  After one taste, we simultaneously said, “Doesn’t this flavor exist already?”  But, they are quite tasty and keep you reaching for more.  They’re clearly using that magic balance of sweet:salty ratio that makes chips the addictive thing that they are.  This flavor reminded us of the Flamin’ Hot spice with an added creamy cheese note and a generous touch of extra sweetness.  That sweetness mellows the heat.

Test Flavor 404

These instantly wake up your taste buds with a zippy burst of citrus followed by an odd rush of sweetness.  Hmm, are they some sort of tequila lime flavor?  Maybe.

But, sorry, who wants to fork over a bunch of personal information for a very VERY slim chance to win $1000?  Not us.  No, thank you.

Doritos Bold Flavor Experiment

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Choose From The Daily Selection

Then, pay and pick up your order at the window.

Ice Cream, Too

That’s for another day.

Dark Chocolate, Triple Cinnamon, Salted Caramel,
& Chocolate Coconut

Salted Caramel In Front, Triple Cinnamon
With Cinnamon Cream 
Cheese Frosting In Back

They were all shockingly good, but, the triple cinnamon was a real winner.

It’s just begging to be eaten.

Triple Cinnamon Cross Section

Peanut Butter With Chocolate Chips, The Other Favorite

Illy Issimo Cappuccino

For a bottled coffee drink, it was acceptable.

The Menu of Flavors Changes Daily

The line to order is ever-present.  But, it’s a relatively efficient and fast moving line.

Sprinkles Cupcakes
(In the Lenox Square Mall)
3393 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30326
404 846 1599

Royal Oak Pub

Fish & Chips

Two generous pieces of thickly battered fish were served on a large bed of crisp chips.  Both were served piping hot.

Add One Fat Tire Amber Ale

And, this was lunch.

The Royal Oak Pub
1155 Mt Vernon Highway
Sandy Springs, GA 30338
770 390 0859

The Local Exchange

The Local Exchange

Nick Cook’s Spurtle & Honey Dipper

Longer and a bit more delicate than most honey dippers, it might be a bit more fragile than it’s chunky kin.  Only time will tell.  But, it’ll be a joy to serve honey with such a lovely piece of turned wood.

Check out more of Nick Cook’s woodturning here.

Atlanta Honey Company’s Honey In The Comb

It’s crystal clear that this piece of honeycomb was handled with care.  Every uncut cell remains perfectly intact.  Here are just some of the locations to find more from the Atlanta Honey Company.

Atlanta Honey Company

The Local Exchange
130 South Park Square
Marietta, GA 30060
770 794 3136

Taqueria Tsunami


Shrimp De Fuego

The portions of crispy battered shrimp and jalapeño slices were quite generous.

Pacific Rim & Marinated Filet Tacos With Fried Yucca

The tomatoes were seriously over-marinated which resulted in a soggy, spongy unpleasant texture.  But, the crispy Shrimp De Fuego and patio seating around the square would encourage another visit if we’re in the area.

Steak Bowl With Fried Egg

Taqueria Tsunami
70 South Park Square NE
Marietta, GA 30060
678 324 7491

Don Antonio By Starita

Don Antonio By Starita

The Quiet Before Noon



& More

The Lunch Menu

8 Inch Pizzas (With or Without Salad) From 11:30-2:30PM

Pistacchio e Salsiccia

Pistachio pesto, sausage, pecorino romano, basil, and buttery homemade mozzarella.

That’s one gorgeous crust.  There was a lovely crisp snap on the outside while the inside had a rich, mature flavor with a good chew.  We devoured almost every crumb.

For the pizza lover, it made a perfect birthday lunch.

Chunky edges yield to a thin, cracker crisp bites in the center.  And, that cheese, it’s so rich and buttery.  It really is something special.

We can’t wait to return and enjoy the gorgeous weather on their patio.

Don Antonio By Starita
102 West Paces Ferry Road
Atlanta, GA 30305
404 844 2879