Mercado Del Pueblo — Current favorite farmer's market

The setting:  Buford Highway strip mall that’s had a recent facelift.

The staff:  The staff is friendly and helpful.  You might find one or two that aren’t fluent in English, but, the store is so easy to navigate that help is barely needed.

The Food:  This farmer’s market has a huge selection of Mexican, El Salvadorian, and other Central American food items.  There are also a few Asian and Caribbean touches.  My favorite Caribbean food find was a fufu flour blend that I can’t wait to try. 

The bakery is massive with a delectable assortment of breads, cakes, and pastries.  We purchased a coconut and guava pastry that was gigantic.  Even shared, one pastry fed two adults for breakfast.  And, it was the perfect thing to pair with our beverage of choice (cafe con leche).  YUM!  We also found a rich and delicous guava tart.  We’ll be returning time and again for these two items alone.

The refridgerated meat and poultry section is chock full of amazing finds.  All packaged into perfect serving sizes.  And, the turnover must be tremendously fast here.  Everything looks perfectly fresh.  In addition to the packaged meat section, there is a huge butcher’s counter that stocks any cut of meat you could want.  (Including a few for the adventurous…. like the morcilla (also known as black pudding sausage), menudo, whole cow’s heads and goat’s heads.)  My favorite find here were the perfectly cleaned and amazingly fresh quail packaged in groups of three for under $4.  The fresh and frozen seafood looks amazing.  And, I was able to purchase 4 scallops the size of my fist for $6.

As if any other reason to make this my favorite new market is needed, the selection of dried chilis is hands-down the best I’ve seen in Georgia.  You could easily fill up a shopping cart by selecting one of every variety.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place more than words can say!!

Our cart was bursting at the seams and we didn’t even touch the frozen foods or fresh vegetables.  I can’t wait to check out these two sections on our next visit.

Oh yeah… And, just for kicks and giggles they also threw in a jewelry counter, a perfume counter and a good sized selection of assorted kitchen gadgets and cookware just in case you need to buy a gift for someone special.  Who’s to know that special someone might even be you.

Star of the Day:  Oh, guava pastries, you had me at hello.

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