Chaska Street Food

Chaska Street Food

Huge Murals…

…And, Food Carts Decorate The Space

Plain Dosa
(With Sambar (or, Sambhar) And Cilantro Chutney)

Samosa Chat

All of the flavors you crave from this dish are present.  But, the spices lean a bit to the mild side.  These moderately spiced versions of the dish allow you to taste all of the individual elements.

Incredibly generous serving sizes put a stop to our exploration of the menu on this visit.  On our next visit, we plan to arrive on the verge of starving.  We’re eager to explore the rest of their menu.

Masala Chai

The masala chai was a touch too creamy for our taste.  Still, the tea was lovely.

The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in the distance makes a unique view.

Chaska Street Food
375 Rockbridge Road
Lilburn, GA  30047
678 585 4842

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

Hidden In The ‘Burbs

Everyone Is Welcome

Turkish limestone, Italian marble, and Indian pink sandstone become one huge work of art.

Beauty, peace, and tranquility lies within.  No photography is allowed inside the mandir.  Since this is a place of worship, that’s understandable.  And, we’d say this carved monument deserves to be seen with your own eyes.  34,000 pieces of stone were hand carved to create this mammoth gem.  It’s nothing short of breathtaking from top to bottom.  Inside and out, this stone temple will overwhelm your senses.  You’ll want to marvel at the countless carvings at your leisure.


Don’t forget to exit through the gift shop.  There’s an assortment of books, postcards, incense, and more.  Most importantly, there’s a lovely collection of snacks!  We left with one big container of gughra pastries, Shayona Hot Mix, and spiced cashews.  The Shayona Hot Mix  is a blend of deep fried dough pieces shaped into an assortment of thick and thin noodles, green peas, lentils, and peanuts spiced with red chili powder, black pepper, cumin, fenugreek, coriander, black salt, and a blend of other spices.  The cashews are one of our all-time favorite snacks.  For even more snacks, check out their nearby restaurant.

On this day, the gughra topped our favorites list.

What’s in there?

It’s a blend of white poppy seeds, coconut, cardamom, nutmeg, and sugar artfully hand wrapped in a tasty pastry shell.

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

Collet French Pastry Cafe

Collet’s Berry Eclair

Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries…

….and perfectly ripe blueberries overflow their crisp, airy shell.

Actually, all of the berries were perfectly ripe.  Their tartness underlined the sweetness of the pastry cream in the best possible way.  Who can resist a pastry that’s overflowing with berries?

This cafe jams a lovely little selection into their intimate space.  The sweets and pastries are limited to one chilled case and a small selection on a nearby counter.  A handful of tables dot the indoor space.  This invites you to devour your purchases immediately.

Two outdoor tables allow you to enjoy this gorgeous weather.  If we’re in the area, we’d be tempted to return and enjoy the day from one of those tables.

Collet French Pastry Bakery & Cafe
2225 Old Milton Parkway
Suite 100
Alpharetta, GA  30004
678 770 6066

Your Pie

Your Pie

Are you in the mood to be creative?  Or, do you need a quick meal?

Build Your Own

For just under $8, you can.  It’s super quick and easy.

Taste?  It’s pretty darn “ok” with bonus points added into the speedy eats department.

You’re in and out in no time flat.

Your Pie
123 Perimeter Center West
Atlanta, GA  30346
470 336 7574

McCray’s Tavern & Historic Lawrenceville

Historic Lawrenceville

It’s a charming little spot that can’t help encouraging you to wander.

Should we eat, then wander…. or wander, then eat?

Let’s eat! (With A View)

With a view like this, we can plan our wanderings.  Scotland Yard Antiques gets added to the top of our list.  That little spice shop on the right gets added to the bottom of the list for a fun and snack-filled last stop before the long drive home.

McCray’s Tavern

Just look at those deep, dark golden brown house-made chips!

Yes, we’d like a burger with our giant platter of chips.  Topped with one fried egg, pimento cheese, beautifully browned bacon, lettuce and tomato, it’s food for a day (and a half).

Get a look at that bacon.  It’s equally gorgeous and delicious.

Fried Chicken BLT

On a ridiculously fluffy slab of bread, this fried chicken BLT was a challenge to get it into our mouths.  Don’t worry.  Somehow, we found a way to manage.

Fries & A Dill Pickle Spear, Too

In the end, we were both after those dark golden chips.  Still warm and brittle to a crisp, these chips will guarantee a return visit to McCray’s Tavern in the very near future.

McCray’s Tavern
100 North Perry Street
Lawrenceville, GA   30045
770 407 6754

Next time, we’ll plan our wandering ways with more care.  On more than one Sunday visit, we forgot that Exhibit A(le) is closed on Sundays.  Grr, Argh!

Note to self:  We need to make a visit to Exhibit A(le) on a day other than a Sunday.

Exhibit A(le)

Dai Nam Vietnamese Restaurant — Mi Quang

Dai Nam

From start to finish, we enjoyed every bite.

Tender Duck

Duck & Bamboo Noodle Soup

This was another divine bowl of soup at Dai Nam.  From the thin rice noodles on the bottom of the bowl to the herbs on top, each element adds to the richness of the broth.  Slivers of garlic fried to a deep golden brown, scallion slices, and chopped cilantro find their way into each spoonful.

Dai Nam exceeded our expectations, again.

House Favorites

Mi Quang

This rich broth transforms into something even greater when generous amounts of pork, shrimp, Vietnamese sausage, deep fried garlic, hard boiled egg slices and herbs find their way into the bowl.  And, we haven’t even mentioned the noodles in Dai Nam’s Mi Quang.

These are Dai Nam’s House-Made Noodles.

Let’s say that again…

Dai Nam’s Mi Quang Is Served With House-Made Noodles.

Without a doubt, we’ll be back for more.


Dai Nam Vietnamese Restaurant
1210 Rockbridge Road
Suite H
Norcross, GA  30093
770 680 4987

Angry Whopper

Angry Whopper

Is it the angriest whopper, really?  We hope not.  That’d be sad.

Is it a bun? Or, is it play-doh?

The bun glows an unnatural shade of red.  It’s denser than a standard whopper bun.  But, it’s not that horrible… for a fast food burger.  It’s just a frightening shade of red to use for a food that humans will consume.

We’re sure of one thing.  That day-glo red bun won’t last.  Edible, it’s not a word that we would use to describe that frightening color.  Nope, it’s the opposite.  Call us old fashioned, we prefer to eat food that looks edible.

We believe tales of this Whopper’s (“The Angriest Whopper”) spiciness are vastly overstated.  We both thought that this burger hovered somewhere just over mildly spicy and merely teased somewhere on the outskirts of spicy territory.

It’s a whopper.  You know where to find ’em.


The Rooftop View From McCray’s Tavern

First, you’ll weave your way around to the back.

Climb the stairs and walk the cat-walk.

Texas Margarita & Deep Eddy Tea

Then, it’s time for a drink. (Or, maybe two)

It was a lovely spot to linger and enjoy our bright, shiny day.

McCray’s Tavern
100 North Perry Street
Lawrenceville, GA  30045
770 407 6754

Local Republic

Local Republic

Beer Board

Georgia Beer

East Coast

Stone Enjoy By 4/20

Chicken Livers With Tomato Jam

These were beautifully cooked with tender, blushing pink interiors.

The Southpaw

This burger was NOT small.  The bacon slices were just that huge.  The burger as a whole was incredibly good.  But, oh my goodness, that bacon was just out of this world.  The sprinkle of cajun spices made it even better.

Mac & Cheese

Crispy bits on top, creamy interior

This macaroni and cheese was everything we want in the dish.  It was ooey, gooey, creamy, cheesy, smoky, rich, and delicious.

Fatback Pig Project

The pork chop was perfectly pink and meltingly tender from the first bite to the last.

Wild Heaven Funkenrauch

This was a great meal with even better service, we can’t wait to return.

Local Republic
225 West Crogan Street
Lawrenceville, GA  30046
678 205 4782

From start to finish, this was an absolutely lovely meal on a perfectly beautiful day with bright blue skies.  Not one cloud dotted that perfect blue.

It was a beautiful day to wander, too.

Antiques & Beyond

Antiques & Beyond

We know these little trays should come with a matching tea tin.  We’ve recently seen the matching tea tin (without the trays) at another antique shop.  But, we’ll be using these as cocktail snack trays.  So, we have no need for that matching tea storage tin.

Spring Semi-Annual Side Walk Sale!
(It’s on Saturday, May 7, 2016 from 9am to 5pm.)

Antiques & Beyond
1853 Cheshire Bridge Road
Atlanta, GA  30324
404 872 4342