Moonie’s Texas Barbecue

Moonie’s Texas Barbecue

Another visit, another barbecue feast to remember…

and then some…

The Ribs

The Brisket

The Pork & Brunswick Stew

It’s all good… so very very good.

The Brisket Chili

It’s rich, delicious and absolutely chock full of beef.  Smoky beef and rich tomato sauce swimming with spice make this more than a side dish.  Sometimes, we’ll make a meal out of this generous portion.

But, it’s the ribs that we just can’t live without.  We’re already craving more.

So tender, they demand to be eaten.

Leftovers?  Equally divine, they were tender and succulent hours later.

It’s all about the spicy sauce.

Another near perfect meal from start to finish?  Check!

It might be over a 40 minute drive outside of the city.  But, it’s worth each and every second of that drive.  Take a little road trip.

Moonie’s Texas Barbecue
5545 Atlanta Highway
Flowery Branch, GA  30542
678 828 8366

Picnic In The City

A Mostly Quiet Place With A Little Bit of A View

By day…

Or, by night


Dumplings In Chili Oil

This blend of spices, sesame and chili oil was divine.

We were graciously offered rice to devour the remainder as we waited for the rest of our meal.  Every table in this cozy little restaurant was packed to capacity.  (We’re pretty sure there were around 10 tables or less.)  But, there was never a service issue.  We enjoyed the leisurely pace of the service.  It allowed us the time to savor each dish.

Boiled Fish Fillets In Chili Stew

Tender fish fillets swim quite literally in a stew of chili peppers, bean sprouts, and cabbage.

An extra spoonful of finely minced garlic adds an extra kick, too.

This rich medley of flavors and textures is rightly called a stew.

And, it truly is a masterpiece.

And, now for something really spicy…

This sizzling platter comes with a wave of pepper smoke that is not for the light hearted.  Dry fried chicken with chili peppers, cilantro and onions… and wood ear… and snow peas… and leeks… and garlic…

We spy at least 4 different chili peppers in there.

And, wow!  Just wow.

The flavors were tremendous.  Smoky, spicy, fresh, and even sweet, we loved the tight rope balance of all things delicious.  We couldn’t resist taste after taste…. even as our taste buds cried for mercy.

Master Piece

Or, is it Masterpiece?  Either way, we have a new love.

Just go.  Seriously, find the time to go.  You won’t regret the long drive to Duluth one bit.

3940 Buford Highway
Duluth, GA  30096
770 622 1191

Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade

Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade

Rose In An Edible Form = “Interesting”

The powerful combination of rose and lemon mingle together without fighting for center stage.  And, the ginger adds a barely there bite of sharpness.  This was probably one of the most (if not the very most) enjoyable of all things rose that we’ve tasted.  So,we’d buy this again… on days that we want rose to overtake our senses for the rest of the afternoon.

Alon’s Bakery & Market
4505 Ashford Dunwoody Road NE
Atlanta, GA  30346
678 394 1781


Criminal Sin IPA

Twain’s Original Ales

The Olivia Burger

That’s one gorgeous burger topped with pickled green tomatoes, pimento cheese, house bacon and arugula.  On the side?  Those are super crisp, parsnip chips.  Golden brown and delicious?  Check.

Loved it!

Cooked to a perfect medium rare, that’s perfection in our eyes.

Poutine With Fried Egg

A giant mountain of skin on crispy, dark golden brown fries, cheese curds and rich brown gravy, let’s top it with an egg and call it a meal (or giant snack) for two.

It’s one hot (seriously delicious) mess.

Twain’s Burger List

Apple Waffle With Ice Cream And Bacon Sugar Tuille

Twain’s Brewpub, Billiards & Tap
211 East Trinity Place
Decatur,  GA 30030
404 373 0063

A Glimpse Into Our Weekend

Lake Keowee
(Lighthouse Restaurant In The Background)

By car or boat, hang out and have a beer at the Cabana.  If you’re hungry, it’s only a few extra steps up that sidewalk to the Lighthouse restaurant.

Ranger IPA
(New Belgium Brewing)

All Day IPA
(Founders Brewing)

This was a gorgeous day to remember.

Lake Keowee Cabana

Lighthouse Restaurant
1290 Doug Hollow Road
Seneca, SC  29672
864 888 4446

Honeysuckle Gelato — Honey Fig

Honeysuckle Gelato
(Honey Fig)

Southern Inspired Gelato

We might say the texture in our pint was closer to an ice cream than a gelato.  But, the concentration of flavor says gelato.  Whatever you choose to call it, we’ll call it delicious.  Our pint was absolutely loaded with figs.  And, the flavor of deep, dark honey was dominantly present in every bite.  Even with that ever-present honey flavor, it’s never too sweet.  Honey and fig are two complex flavors that create a magical harmony.  That depth and richness of flavor allows a few small spoonfuls to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Bourbon Pecan?  That’s now on our to do list …next time!

Honeysuckle Gelato

Alon’s Bakery & Market

Pistachios In Syrup — Bakkal International Foods

Fresh, Whole Green Pistachios In Syrup

Turkish Cotton Candy With Pistachios

It’s Sweet Pistachio Fluff!

Snacks from across the pond are just so much fun.

Cokokrem Golden Hazelnut Cream

With 40% hazelnut paste, this sweet creamy spread gives you plenty of roasted hazelnut flavor.  But, it is quite sweet with a creamy milk background.  Super silky smooth, this is basically Nutella without the chocolate.  Love it!

Quince & Red Berry Jam

Sesame Crackers & Sesame Pretzels

Snack pile, check!  We’re stocked up for the next month or so.

(There were 9 Little Balls in that long wrapper.)

Hollow wafer balls filled with sweet hazelnut cream, they’re a smaller (think small gumball sized) version of the other Ferrara chocolate hazelnut balls.  These were super sweet and far too easy to pop in our mouths.

Bosanski Lokum

These sweet walnut biscuits are light, airy, and crumbly.

Date Ma’amoul

Milk Chocolate & Almonds

Someone’s a sucker for pretty wrappers.

This little market is jam packed with herbs, spices, frankincense and myrrh.  We weren’t headed home.  So, we had to skip the refrigerated section.  But, we’ll be back to browse another day.  And, the assortment of olives and olive oils tempted us, too.  We’ll be back for a few jars of olives… soon!

Bakkal International Foods
5690 Roswell Road
Sandy Springs, GA  30342
404 847 9942

Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep Dish

Little Caesar’s
Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep Deep Dish

We’ll admit this right up front.  We bought this freak show of a pizza with the sole intention of making much fun of it.  But, for a fast food pizza (Let me repeat this part.  This is for comparison to fast food pizzas only.), it didn’t suck.  Did you know that you could walk into Little Caesars and walk out with a pizza in about a minute?  We did not know this.  This pizza was fresh-out-of-the-oven hot.  And, we were out the door in less than 5 minutes total.  Seriously, we paid our $12 and walked away with a pizza (Actually, for the $12 bacon wrapped crust special, there are two pizzas with four pieces each) in about 2 minutes.  To err on the high side, let’s say 3 minutes.  This was a first for us.  This was fast food that was actually fast.

Crispy Bacon On The Side

Since it’s wrapped all the way around the crust with bacon, the bacon got VERY crispy.  That super crisp bacon was actually much tastier than we expected it to be.  And, it was easily our favorite part of the Little Caesars pizza experience.

Lots Of Pepperoni, Bacon, & Cheese

Low fat, this pizza is not.

So, yeah, it was more than a little bit salty and quite greasy.  But, it wasn’t horrible.  And, 2 pieces made a ridiculously hearty meal.  We’d probably choose this over a bunch of other fast food… in a fast food emergency situation.

Little Caesars

Memphis BBQ Co.

Memphis BBQ Co.

Complimentary Table Bites

We were given a small mountain of these super crispy and delicately airy rinds with a touch of Memphis BBQ’s sweet and mildly spiced rub.  A blink or two later, there were four broken pieces and an empty basket.  We could have made a meal out of these. (And, we thought we didn’t really like pork rinds.)

Pitmaster Sampler
(With Dry Rub Baby Back Ribs, Brisket, & Pulled Pork)

The brisket was meltingly tender and powerfully beefy.

And, this is the other side of the plate.

That’s some seriously gorgeous dry rub barbecue.

And, it’s incredibly tasty, too.  The spare ribs were out of this world.  Smoky, a nice edge of dry rub and so tender tender, we loved these ribs.


The pulled pork wasn’t our favorite thing on the plate.  But, it was still quite nice.  Yes, it was moist, tender and smoky.  Next to the near perfection of the brisket and baby back ribs, the pork got neglected.

Dry Rub Spare Ribs
(With BBQ Spaghetti And Mac & Cheese)

Tasty Cornbread, Too

Mugshot IPA
(Jailhouse Brewing Co.)

Mugshot IPA — Nice hops (but, not too hoppy) with a fresh bite of tingly citrus.

Next time, we’ll be skipping the mac & cheese.  Make no mistake, there will most definitely be a next time.  This was one fabulous meal of barbecued meats.

The brisket, baby backs and spare ribs were all stellar.  For a side, the turnip greens were a real standout, too.  (And, we had leftovers for days.)

Memphis BBQ Co.
4764 Ashford-Dunwoody Road
Dunwoody, GA  30338
770 394 7427