St George Island Lighthouse & Beach

Cape St George Lighthouse

 St George Lighthouse Association

Boss Oysters — Apalachicola

Boss Oyster Seafood

Super Crisp On The Outside, Fresh On The Inside

Crispy & Light

The crisp exterior was father light.  There was absolutely nothing heavy or greasy about these shrimp.  They were a pleasure to eat.  Just like that, no condiment was needed.

Plump, Fresh, & Sweet

Boss Oysters, Fried

The oysters were equally divine.

(This visit was in May.  Oyster season is over for the summer in Apalachicola Bay.)

Boss Oyster

Oyster Cook-Off

Toucan’s — Mexico Beach

Toucan’s Restaurant & Sports Bar

This view was fine.

But, this view was even better.

Toucan’s Restaurant
Mexico Beach, FL

Goodbye, Gulf Shores!

Hello, Other Road Trips:

We only grabbed one bar?  Mistake.

Note To Self:  Next time, take the whole box of Buckeye Bars!

Ok, we probably won’t take whole box.

Then, again…

When you add peanut butter to a chocolate bar, it becomes a meal.

This bar just barely made it out of the parking lot.

The 5 Layer Bar was equally delicious.

Carroll’s Sausage & Country Store

1000 Degrees Pizza

White Pizza
With Roasted Red Peppers, Mushrooms, & Bacon

Sausage & Peppers Pizza
With Roasted Red Peppers

The chain restaurants dominate (by far) in Lake City, Florida.  And, for a fast casual chain, this wasn’t bad at all.  If we’re in the area, we’d return.

1000 Degrees Pizza
2511 West US Highway 90
Lake City, FL
386 438 5604

Peacock Springs

Big Fish

Did we stumble into an ugly food contest?

While that might appear to be the case, we proudly confess to loving this meal all the same.  The crab cakes (two rounds of almost pure jumbo lump crab) were everything that you could want.  The crab was perfectly sweet and tender in that incredibly fresh way that you want a crab cake to be.  The taste of browned butter kissed the golden edges.  The aged tenderloin had great flavor.  And, it was meltingly tender.

We must give the prize of ugliest of the ugly to the bleu cheese hash.  Still, delicious.  It was beyond rich and loaded with bleu cheese.  (We’ll be stealing this idea for our next home made brunch.  Those potatoes are clearly begging to be paired with a batch of custard-y scrambled eggs.)

If we’re in the area again, we’d happily return.

Big Fish Restaurant
25814 Canal Road
Orange Beach, Alabama 36561
251 981 5516

Gulf Shores Beach & Sea ‘N Suds

Two Frozen Adult-Style Beverages
(Peach & Piña Colada)

First things first, we need an icy beverage.  It’s HOT out there!

The fried fish (thick, tender and flaky cod fillets, we think?) and the gumbo disappeared first.  If we return, we’d both opt for the fried fish dinners with gumbo.  Sea -N- Suds, it’s right on the beach.  So, if we return to Gulf Shores, there will be another visit.  (Another restaurant and bar on the beach?  Pink Pony Pub)

Sea N Suds
405 East Beach Blvd.
Gulf Shores, AL 36542
251 948 7894

Captain’s Choice Dives

Two sites, both deep dive sites with excellent visibility on all dives (the barge & the tug)

Down Under Dive Shop

Shrimp Basket

Shrimp Étouffée Platter
(spelled and accented properly)

Shrimp ‘N Grits

Thankfully, this dish doesn’t mangle a foreign language (see below).  But, it is served with an absolutely puzzling side dish of cole slaw.  Please, don’t ask us to explain the cole slaw.  We can’t.  And, quite frankly, we didn’t enjoy the way it sat there mocking us as we ate our staggeringly mediocre (and excessively salty) meal.

This was a great big world of  “eh”.  These pictures purely serve as a reminder.

Note the absence of one accent mark and the location of the second.

This was clearly an omen.

Shrimp Basket
1500 South McKenzie Street
Foley, Alabama 36535
251 943 6643