Soft Serve Dark Chocolate — Godiva

Soft Serve Dark Chocolate In Praline Waffle Cone

Soft serve ice cream that’s dark chocolate-y…

yes, please.

Truffles & Chocolate?  Eh.

Not bad, never great…

We’ll just stick with our rich, chocolate-y soft serve ice cream waffle cone, thank you very much.


Fat Crab

Butter & Garlic Oysters

Cajun Oysters

The oysters are a must to start.

Laughing Skull Amber Ale
(Red Brick Brewing Co.)

Ice cold and served with frosty glasses?  Yes, please …and thank you.  We are happy.  After the oysters and a beer or two, we’ll have the patience needed to tackle the big bowl of spiced crabs to come.  They’ll be keeping us busy for awhile.

Crab Boil
Original Cajun – Medium Spice

(2lbs of crab)

So fresh, so tender, so sweet…. these were divine.  That goes for each and every crab.  And, the few extra claws that were thrown in for good measure, too.  It was worth every second of messy, stinging fingers.

Stinging?  Oh, yeah, there was a decent amount of cayenne in there.  We were pleasantly surprised by the level of heat.  We were afraid the medium might be too tame.  That wasn’t the case here at all.  Though, some bites were spicier than others.  (On some bites, we wondered if this might be the hot blend.  Since we’re two spicy food lovers, we’re rarely daunted by a good dose of spice.)  If this is medium, we’d need another round of beer  (at least) to make it through the hot.

The Board Specials

Lobster Rolls?  Saturday’s Only
(For now, they say.  That will probably change.)

The Fat Crab

It’s hiding in a quiet strip mall.

Fat Crab
3545 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
Suite 12
Duluth, GA  30096
470 514 5415

El Faro Bakery — Masa Real De Guayaba

Masa Real
(Or, Masa Real De Guayaba)

You could just call it a guava pastry.  That usually works, too.  But, there are a few different versions of “guava pastry”.  Another common version of “guava pastry” (Pastelitos, Pastelitos de Guayaba, or Pasteles) stuffs guava paste (and sometimes guava and cream cheese, Pastelitos de Guyana y Queso) into puff pastry.  After baking the top of the crispy puff pastry is brushed with glossy sugar syrup.  They’re a completely different guava pastry (and generally easier to find in Miami).  But, they’re equally delicious.

For us, nothing says home like a guava pastry or two.  When we aren’t baking our own version of the dish (which is very hard to beat).  We’ll take what we can get.  And, this was a lovely version that easily reminds us of Miami.  Soft, yet dense sweet layers of cake are filled with a thick fudgy guava paste.  We’d prefer more guava and less sugar in the filling.  But, this was quite nice.  Since our guava pastry options are limited here, we’d happily buy these again.

Pair with a café Cubano or cortadito for a sweet treat.

Twelve very generous slices for $6.49.

El Faro Bakery
Hialeah Gardens, FL

Find it here:

Mercado Fresco
4166 Buford Highway NE
Suite 1115
Atlanta, GA  30345
404 633 3066

Tight Lines Pub & Brewing Company

Shrimp & Grits

Chopped tomatoes add a brightness to the rich sauce and tender shrimp.


Some of the best food suffers the most when it comes to cataloguing our meals for the historical documents.  We’re just too busy eating (and drinking) to care.  Even worse, sometimes we forget to take pictures altogether because we’re so wrapped up in our meal.  That was the case for the rest of this meal.  We also had a tasty lobster roll and an Edgar IPA (Bullfrog Brewery) or two.

This was the best meal of the trip… by far.

We will definitely return.

Tight Lines Pub & Brewing Company
709 Arendell Street
Forehead City, NC  28557
252 773 0641

Ruddy Duck Tavern

The 3 Pig BBQ Sandwich

Smoked bacon, pulled pork, ham, a little barbecue sauce and a bunch of slaw, this will fill you up real quick.

A lovely, relaxing view, too?

Love the duck…

Ruddy Duck Tavern
509 Evans Street
Morehead City, NC  28557
252 726 7500

Olympus — Morehead City, NC

The Olympus — Morehead City, NC

Olympus Dive Center
713 Shepard Street
Forehead City, NC  28557
252 726 9432

Not Your Father’s Root Beer — Small Town Brewery

After a long day, it’s time to eat and drink…

Served ice cold, this was a sweet way to refuel.

The sweetness provides a very heady kick.  But, this root beer ale incorporates a powerful blend of spices to add a pleasant bitterness to balance out all of that sugar.  In the end the sugary sweetness and vanilla dominates this root beer.  But, it’s in a good way.  This would make one incredibly delicious root beer float with a scoop of home made vanilla ice cream.  We’ll be doing that once or twice, without a doubt.

Not Your Father’s Root Beer
(Small Town Brewery)

Before hitting the road, a little side trip to find a source to buy a few more bottles was a priority.  We had to bring a 6 pack (or, to be completely honest, we brought home more than one) home with us.

Small Town Brewery

(Found at Lowes Foods)

It’s a beautiful day.

It just doesn’t get any better than this.


Creature Comforts Tropicalia IPA

Let’s just say the Creature Comforts Tropicalia IPA was the highlight of our meal.

5161 Peachtree Parkway
Suite 630
Peachtree Corners, GA  30092
678 353 6180


Masti Indian Street Eats


They’re a fun little nibble to keep you busy while you browse the menu.

Aam Pana

Thirst Quenchers


It’s really all about that Masti Sauce.

Next Time:  Deconstructed Samosa Chat

Chicken Masala Sliders

They’re a fun mess to eat.

A Glimpse At The Menu

Masti Sauce In The Middle

Served with Fries And Coleslaw

The hot and super crispy fries were devoured covered in Masti Sauce.

Butter Chicken Tacos

These were an even bigger hot mess to eat.

Iced Masala Tea

This was a perfect way to end the meal.

… or not

Just when we thought we were done…

We were offered a taste of a paan cocktail they were working on.  It’s a cocktail version of the wrapped betel leaves stuffed with digestive aids and sweet herbs.  This sweet taste was rich with almond milk and a lovely blend of sweet, refreshing herbs.  Blended in such an intoxicating way, we left guessing at the variety of herbs.  And, we nibbled a few sugar coated fennel seeds and dried mango on our way out the door.

We’ll definitely be back.


Masri Fun Indian Street Eats
(Masti Atlanta)
2945 C North Druid Hills Road
Atlanta, GA  30329
470 236 2784