Aladdin’s Mediterranean Grill

Aladdin’s Mediterranean Grill & Deli Restaurant


And Beef

Every bite was delicious, again.

We’ve loved Aladdin’s for years.  And, we’re still loving it.

Aladdin’s Mediterranean Grill
8725 Roswell Road
Atlanta, GA 30350
770 518 9288

Dobb’s BBQ

Dobb’s BBQ
Chopped Beef, Ribs, & Chopped Pork

The ribs were a bit dry.

Chopped Beef

A small amount of Dobb’s barbecue sauce was chopped into the beef.  Normally, we’d hate this.  But, we didn’t.  Though, we’d prefer to taste the beef without the addition of the sauce.

Smoked Chicken

(Check out those seriously old school light mint plates in the back.)

What’s another thing we’d normally hate?  The barbecue sauce poured over and drowning every inch of the chicken.  But, again, we didn’t… probably due to the incredibly mild nature of Dobb’s barbecue sauce.  We will add an important note.  This chicken was smoky and tender.  It didn’t need any of that sauce at all.

Side Salads

Dothan Alabama’s Oldest Restaurant


Tuesday-Sunday from 10am – 9pm
Closed on Mondays

Dobb’s Bar B Que
2636 South Oates Street
Dothan, Alabama  36301
334 794 5195

Phil’s BBQ

Phil’s BBQ
Ribs & Brunswick Stew

Potato Salad & White Bread

(And, there’s a handful of sliced pickles hiding under there, too.)

Minimal spices and smoke, that’s some good old fashioned bbq.  We were both charmed and pleasantly satisfied after many hours on the road.

Chopped Pork, Macaroni Salad,
& Potato Salad

This smoky mountain of chunky, hunky pork was shockingly tender, moist and delicious.  Each big chunk of was a nice hearty bite.  No sauce was needed.  But, they do have an interesting hot bbq sauce.  As usual, the hot bbq sauce was our pick.  We do like a spicy barbecue sauce.

If we ever get hungry while passing through Eufaula, Alabama again, we’d happily return for another round of ribs and chopped pork.

Oh yeah…

And, we’d both order the potato salad again, too.

Sweet tea…mMmm

Hey, it’s a road trip.  We need the sugar.

Phil’s Barbecue
(Phil’s BBQ)
534 South Randolph Avenue
Eufaula, AL  36027
334 687 3337

Mission Brewery — Hard Root Beer

Mission Hard Root Beer
(Mission Brewery, San Diego)

The scent that drifted up to us was so very tempting.  The scent was old fashioned root beer.  At that moment, we wanted to love this.  But, after the first sip, it’s just too much.

Too much licorice, too much burnt sugar…

We bought root beer.  We want root beer… not licorice soda.  After the first sip, the root beer gets lost under all of that distracting licorice.  Normally, we’d enjoy the barely sweet quality.  Actually, we were hoping for something with less sweetness than the other hard root beers that we’ve tasted.  But, oddly, this one takes it over the bridge a step too far.  Without the sugar, the burnt sugar flavor turns strangely chemical and noxiously artificial in an “Am I drinking poison?” sort of way.  To put it in a nicer way, there’s a seriously strong medicinal quality that lingers.  It’s not entirely unpleasant.  There are brief moments of something interesting in there.  But, it’s just too much.  We hate to say it.  This medicine needs another spoonful of sugar.  The lingering aftertaste turns this into an unpleasant memory.  Overall, it’s just too medicinal.  We both found it intensely medicinal and downright overbearing after more than a couple sips.  Between the two of us, we couldn’t finish a bottle.  To be fair, we did try on multiple occasions.  Every time it was simply too much for us.

But, this could work well in small doses for a cocktail where you’re looking for an herbal licorice and burnt sugar element.

Destin & Miramar Beach

Mai Tai

Mermaid’s Brew (in Back)

After that one, we decided to stick with a mai tai… or two.

(Ok, after a few hours, maybe it was more than two.)

Crab Cake Sandwich with Fries

We were starving.  STAR-VING.  So, we weren’t complaining.

Whale’s Tail At Seascape

Even on a cloudy day, it’s gorgeous.

It’s not too hot and not too cold.  It was barely warm with a lovely breeze.  That’s a perfect temperature for spending a whole day on the beach.

After lunch, just take your mai tai back to your chair.
(And, order more… as  needed)

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits
34715 Emerald Coast Parkway
Destin, FL  32541
850 837 1837

Road Trip Ice Cream

Another road trip…

…heading south

It’s not just for the birds.

We were here.

And, we spent the day at the second umbrella from the left.

Cake & Oreo Crumbs On Soft Vanilla
(in a waffle cone)

The soft serve vanilla was more than a little bit less than unnoteworthy.  And, the cake crumbs were super sweet in that boxy cake mix(who’s name we shall not speak) way.  But, after a hot day, we were happy enough with it.

What to say when someone hands you a fast food ice cream:

“That’ll do pig.”


Coconut Ash & Banana — Vosges

Coconut Ash & Banana
Super Dark

72% Cacao

The super dark chocolate is lovely and slightly bitter in the best way.  But, the coconut ash is unpleasantly crisp and abrasive… in a too hard charred, rocky sort of way.  And, this in combination with the banana adds an oddly artificial note that we didn’t enjoy.

It’s fine…. or more accurately… “eh”.  But, we’re very unlikely to buy this one again.  Actually, out of all the Vosges chocolate bars, it is by far our least favorite.  So, it’s almost a certainty that we’d never buy it again.

We’re still in crazy love with Vosges’ Smoke & Stout Caramel Bar, though.  That one is absolutely in a class all its own.




Kabob-ish Lamb

With Dill & Lima Bean Rice

Kabobish Sampler

Spicy Chicken & Beef Koobideh

With Vegetable Rice

Kabob-ish…. yep, it’s Kabob… ish.

3555 Gwinnett Place Drive
Suite 105
Duluth, GA  30096
678 528 2611

Mo’s Dark Bar — Vosges

Mo’s Dark Bar
Uncured Smoked Bacon & Alderwood Smoked Salt
62% Dark Chocolate

Since we’ve loved every other Vosges bar that we’ve ever tried, we finally gave Mo’s Dark Bar a chance.  Shockingly, we both enjoyed it.  On first bite, the deep dark chocolate dominates with a lovely smoky background.  After a couple bites, the bacon starts to power it’s way over and above all else.  The smoky bacon makes it’s appearance as super crispy, tiny little bitty crumbs.  Yet, it still dominates the bar.  Given the intensity of flavor, we’re grateful for the light hand in its usage.  Though, we would probably be just as happy with just those little crystals of alderwood smoked salt.

We’ll be on the lookout for a dark chocolate bar with alderwood smoked salt in the future.  The flavor combination was something to remember.


Magners Irish Pear Cider

Magners Irish Pear Cider

Light, crisp, and refreshing… though, it is a bit sweet.  It’s not too sweet.  Plenty of bubbles keep this super light and bright.  The flavor of fresh, slightly tart pear is lovely.  This was really quite nice.

We’ll definitely be drinking this again…

Magners Irish Cider