Coney Island Hard Root Beer

Hard Root Beer Coney Island Brewing Co.

Do you have sweet memories of Coney Island? Add this.

5.8% Alcohol

But,you’d never guess it. It’s hard to taste anything except for the sweetness. This is sugar coated, double-dipped candy sweet fun to […]

Halloween Whopper – Burger King

The A.1. Halloween Whopper at Burger King

We confess. We’re still children at heart. So, we had to try a black bunned halloween whopper. (Or, to be completely honest, we bought two. We weren’t in the mood to share. Though, in retrospect, we probably should […]

Cantaloupe Fruit Bar

Cantaloupe Ice Fruit Bar With Diced Cantaloupe Fiesta Tapatia

We both loved this bar.

Creamy Coconut La Tapatia

Rich & creamy, this was good, too. But, we both wanted to maintain possession of the cantaloupe fruit bar. The […]

Co’m Vietnamese

Ripe and Green Mango Mingle In There

Signature Salad With Lamb

Green Mango, Green Papaya, Fuji Apple, Carrots, Deep Fried Shallots, Roasted Peanuts, Cilantro, & Lamb

Salad perfection, again.

Com Fresh Signature Salads

We […]

Sul Lung Tang

Sul Lung Tang (Or, Seolleongtang)

Long Simmered Beef & Bone Marrow Broth With Noodles And Beef Brisket Slices

Copious quantities of tender beef hide under the surface.

Or, you could just call it #10

Le Mekong

House Salad

We swear. That’s what the menu says! Le Mekong will charm you with equal parts of approachable and delicious. This was another meal to remember.

Goi Dac Biet

By any name, we love it. A light drizzle of Vietnamese […]

Cap’n Crunch Delights

Taco Bell’s Cap’n Crunch Delights

Cinnabon Delights

“Wow, these are REALLY greasy!”

So, the slogan on the bag says, “You Can Taste It!”

What exactly are we tasting? The oil? Lots and LOTS […]

Golden BBQ

Salt & Pepper Jumbo Shrimp

Light and crisp, these were divine. The beautifully tender shrimp are allowed to shine brightly under their delicate shell.

Peking Pork Chops

Barely sweet and sour pork with onions touched […]

Moonie’s Texas BBQ

Moonie’s BBQ Ribs

Delicious, again

So very tender and smoky, we enjoyed every bite.

We love it when the taste of a favorite food exceeds our memories. And, Moonie’s BBQ exceeded our expectations…again.

Ping’s Place

Beef Noodle Soup at Ping’s Place

Cool fall weather means that it’s time for some soup love.

Ping’s beef noodle soup? Oh yes, it’s more than worthy of some love. There’s just so much to love in this gorgeous bowl […]