Palomilla's Grill House — Another Visit

On this visit, we ate:

Masas De Cerdo — Chunks of tender pork deep fried and topped with onions stewed in garlic sauce.

The perfectly golden brown and crisp deep fried pork chunks were still incredibly moist, tender and flavorful.  It’s incredible that the interior of each pork chunk remains so moist and luscious given the crisp outer shell.  We’ve orded this on a number of occasions.  And, it’s always been near-perfect.  The one oddity is the stewed nature of the onions.  I’d love to see a bit more golden brown color on the onions.  Not only for plate appeal, but, also for the added flavor of carmelized onions.  It would really elevate the dish.

Chicharron de Pollo al Ajillo — Sauteed chicken topped with a stewed mixture of onions, green & red peppers, and garlic.

This is the first time we’ve tried this dish.  And, it was a winner!  The chicken breast was sauteed to a perfect golden brown exterior with a moist, tender interior.   Seemingly blended with the stewed peppers, onions and garlic at the last moment, this is the Cuban equivalent of comfort food.  There was a good amount of garlicy chicken broth to flavor the white rice that usually goes uneaten.

Cons — In our experience, the black beans have always been a bit bland at Palomilla’s.  We usually eat a bite or two and then push them aside.   And, if you ask for a bit of mojo on the side, you are served a thimble-sized condiment cup of watery/milky sauce that bares little resemblance to the mojo that I’ve been served in Miami.  We were also billed 75 cents for this.

Palomilla’s Grill House
6470 Spalding Drive, Suite B
Norcross, GA 30092

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