Little European Bakery

Championship Loaf

Dotted with whole grain, this championship loaf from the Little European Bakery provides a solid foundation for cheeses, spreads and small open-faced sandwiches.  The crust provides a nice crisp bite while the interior is rich with lovely nutty grain flavors.  Full of cracked wheat and rolled oats, this bread is divine toasted.

This bakery shows its originality with a lineup of rustic European breads, including dense, rich Bavarian style breads.  My favorite is their version of bauernbrot.  A farmer’s loaf made with portions of white and rye flour, they’re version is a bit heavier and clunkier than the loaves I’ve tasted in Europe.  But, they’re a decent substitute.  Outside of Europe, I’ve only seen this loaf made properly in New York City.  I hope this changes some day soon.

Little European Bakery
334 Sandy Springs Circle
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
404 255 8200

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