The Chocolate Bar

Valentine’s Day Chocolates:

10 Year Tawny Port — Intense dark fruit flavors blend perfectly with the dark bittersweet chocolate.  A brilliant idea that is executed well.

Blackberry Caramel — Covered in white chocolate, this blackberry caramel oozes concentrated blackberry essence with the perfect hint of caramel flavor.  This is one of my favorite flavor combinations.

Grand Marnier Truffle — Dark chocolate dominates with an undertone of orange and alcohol.  A tiny piece of candied orange peel adds ornamentation and a touch of bitterness.

Spicy Mango — Chili powder hides in the sweet cream filling, only making itself known as you swallow and feel the heat tickling your throat.

Salty Caramel — A delicate dose of salt highlights the sweet caramel.

Stars of the Day:  10 Year Tawny Port and Blackberry Caramel battle for first with the Grand Marnier Truffle close on their heels.  Mmmmm!

The Chocolate Bar
201 West Ponce De Leon Avenue, Suite C
Decatur, GA 30030
404 378 0630

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