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Stone Enjoy By 4/20

Chicken Livers With Tomato Jam

These were beautifully […]

Summits Wayside Tavern

Summit’s Chicken Wings

Ten of these large wings were incredibly filling. We wanted more. But, we’ll have to wait until next time. After 5 wings each, we were absolutely stuffed beyond belief.

Then, we did a bit of light reading.


Com Mai — Duck Noodle Soup

Just to be sure our love was true…

We’ve both ordered a few more bowls over the last couple months or so. And, we’ll be sure to return time after time. Each and every bowl was topped with meltingly tender duck.

Com Mai’s […]

The Bayou Boil

What’s in that bucket?

All of the crab boils are served in plastic bags. The king crab claws make the extraction a bit more challenging than the standard Bayou Boil bucket.

This boil bucket/bowl came with a generous amount of […]

Las Margaritas

Las Margaritas

Cuban Mojito




Actually, that’s too generous. This sangria was rather unpleasant. And, the plastic glasses only underlined that fact.


South Main Kitchen

South Main Kitchen

Fried Egg BLT

On Grilled Bread

Simply, fine.

Biscuits & Sausage Gravy

In this version of the dish, it’s all about the […]


Campania Pizzeria Napoletana

The Brunch Pizza

Every Sunday starting at noon…

Sweet & spicy red peppers, fresh basil, ricotta…

The ricotta, basil, and peppers are glorious together.

The Sofia

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Boiling Crawfish

Boiling Crawfish

The Board Special Boil

This house special boil comes with whole shrimp, one blue crab, mussels, about 8 large crawfish, and a rather small snow crab claw. There’s one big ear of corn (cut into […]

Nam Phuong — Shaking Beef

Shaking Beef

On a bed of pea sprouts, this was delicious.


Eggplant & Chicken In Black Bean Sauce

Both eggplant and chicken are lovely and tender.

As […]

Co’m Vietnamese Grill

House Salad With Grilled Shrimp

Plenty of chopped cilantro, deep fried shallots, and roasted peanuts make this a great dish… again.

Shaking Beef

Fusion Pad Thai with Lamb & Shrimp

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