The Local 7

The Little John Burger

Perfectly cooked egg, bacon and burger, this was another great one. Hot and crispy sweet potato fries too? Sometimes, it’s easy to make us happy.

Heavy Seas Loose Cannon American Hop3 IPA

Fried Artichoke [...]

Thai Restaurant of Norcross

Seafood Salad

Shrimp, scallops, squid, basil, jalape├▒os, scallions, romaine, minced garlic, onion and carrot slivers in a light dressing of rice wine vinegar and fish sauce, we still love it.

All of the seafood was tender and full of flavor.


Thai Star

Pad Char

Crispy pieces of catfish mingle with green peppercorns, fresh green beans, eggplant, basil, Kaffir lime leaves, ginger, hot and sweet peppers.

Plenty of Crispy Catfish

Seafood In Green Curry


Gorgeously Grilled Artichoke

Tender and smoky, these were delicious.

Blood Orange Margarita

This was a fresh balance of blood orange juice, orange liqueur, orange bitters and a very healthy kick of tequila. It was a [...]

Thai Star

Tod Man Pla

Minced Fish Cakes With Cucumber Salad

Spicy Eggplant With Shrimp & Sausage

In this case, looks are not deceiving. This was delicious.

Loaded with both shrimp and [...]

Sushi Mito



Nama Sake


Very Memorable Unagi


Volcano Roll

This dish brings back memories. One of [...]

Las Brasas

Las Brasas Chicken

What a great weekday meal!

Potatoes With Huancaina Sauce (Papas a la Huancaina)

Sauce with Huacatay (Aji de Huacatay) (AKA The Hot Sauce)

On each visit, the chicken was beautifully [...]

Community Q BBQ

Community Q Ribs

Gorgeous and equally delicious, again…

With Smoked Sweet Potato & Collards

The chicken was smoky and tender, too. Yep, again.

Smoked Chicken Salad Sandwich (And, More Smoked Sweet Potatoes & [...]

SunO Dessert

Ultimate Mango

Mango ice gets a thin drizzle of sweetened condensed milk and mango syrup. Then, fresh mango chunks cover the top and another drizzle of condensed milk and mango syrup join the cherry on top. It’s really popping with mango flavor. We never would [...]

La Costilla Grill

Divine Salsa

We could end the story here, we’ll be back.

Salsa & Chips

Tacos (Taco al Pastor, Shrimp, Fish, & Veggie)

Taco Al Pastor