Aladdin’s Mediterranean Grill

Aladdin’s Mediterranean Grill & Deli Restaurant


And Beef

Every bite was delicious, again.

We’ve loved Aladdin’s for years. And, we’re still loving it.

Aladdin’s Mediterranean Grill 8725 Roswell Road Atlanta, […]

Dobb’s BBQ

Dobb’s BBQ Chopped Beef, Ribs, & Chopped Pork

The ribs were a bit dry.

Chopped Beef

A small amount of Dobb’s barbecue sauce was chopped into the beef. Normally, we’d hate this. But, we didn’t. Though, we’d prefer […]

Phil’s BBQ

Phil’s BBQ Ribs & Brunswick Stew

Potato Salad & White Bread

(And, there’s a handful of sliced pickles hiding under there, too.)

Minimal spices and smoke, that’s some good old fashioned bbq. We were both […]

Destin & Miramar Beach

Mai Tai

Mermaid’s Brew (in Back)

After that one, we decided to stick with a mai tai… or two.

(Ok, after a few hours, maybe it was more than two.)

Road Trip Ice Cream

Another road trip…

…heading south

It’s not just for the birds.

We were here.

And, we spent the day at the second umbrella from the left.

Cake & […]



Kabob-ish Lamb

With Dill & Lima Bean Rice

Kabobish Sampler

Spicy Chicken & Beef Koobideh

With Vegetable Rice

Kabob-ish…. yep, it’s […]

El Don

El Don’s Guacamole

Chunky pieces of avocado, cilantro, a little citrus, and a touch of onion, all blend beautifully. But, it’s all about the avocado as it should be. We both loved this.

We both preferred the roasted salsa.

Co’m Vietnamese

Fusion Pad Thai With Lamb & Shrimp

So many herbs and sprouts cover this dish…

…and tender shrimp

…and slivered brussel sprouts

Green Mango, Papaya, & Apple Salad (Topped with Grilled Lamb)

The Greater Good Barbecue — Again

The Greater Good Barbecue Ribs

On this early dinner visit, Greater Good’s barbecued ribs were gorgeously tender, seriously meaty, and delicious.

So, we’d say that’s back to normal for Greater Good.

That’s a lot of ribs for half a rack. We […]

The Greater Good Barbecue

The Greater Good Barbecue Chicken & Ribs

This visit was a bit unfortunate. We arrived a bit between meal services. And, the chicken and ribs seemed to suffer a bit from this fact. They were room temperature and a little bit more than a touch […]