Hit & Miss at Canton House

Hits:  Custard tarts still warm from the oven, pineapple bread with sweet custard filling, a mildly sweet bread stuffed with shredded dry beef, shrimp sui mai and sticky rice in lotus leaf.

Misses:  All the other steamed dumplings we ordered were so badly overcooked that they were literally mush… falling apart before we could even bite into them.  And, the fillings were overcooked, tough and excessively chewy.

This inconsistent quality is surprising to us since this is one of the pricier dim sum restaurants in town.  Dim Sum for two was more than $35.

Parking can also be an issue.  On our last visit, one diner’s car was trapped in its parking space due to the unusually small spaces. 

Canton House
4825 Buford Hwy
Atlanta, GA 30341

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