Sweet Auburn Barbecue

Sweet Auburn Barbecue



Sweet Auburn Country Picnic Plate

If you start here, you’ll never be able to finish the rest of your meal. This very generous plate of candied bacon, pimento [...]

La Urbana

Spicy Margarita


Or Tequila?

Lunch-time Choices

We must confess. We had cocktails with lunch.

Guacamole [...]

The Glenwood

The Waffle Cristo

Silly good on a plate, this sandwich demands that you smile.


But, next time, we’d probably ask for the jam on the side.

Jamaican Jerk Burger & Waffle Fries



Accumulation White India Pale Ale

Fresh citrus mingles with an earthy pine that makes your lips and tongue tingle, light malt balances beautifully with the hops, a touch of sweetness rounds out the bitterness and leads to a refreshingly dry finish.

New Belgium Brewing


Éclat Chocolate

Éclat Chocolate

What’s better than a box of chocolate on Valentine’s Day? A surprise box (or two) of chocolates that arrive with the promise of more surprises yet to come.

The Peruvian Nacional Traditional Truffles

It just doesn’t get any better [...]

Leon’s Full Service

Hive Mind

Incredibly good, the botanical elements beautifully balanced the bitter with the sweet.

Winter Cocktails

Felix Culpa, plans for dessert cocktails begin.

Lagunitas Sucks Imperial IPA

We both loved it.


Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever New Holland Brown Ale (Craft Brewed in Holland, Michigan)

Toasty nut, sweet dark-roasted malt (but, not too sweet), earthy, well-rounded and smooth, this is a really great brown ale for winter. It’s a bit like a porter without all the heaviness. Very drinkable.


The Local 7

Fish & Chips

Two very generous filets of beer-battered cod top a bed of piping hot fries.

Fried Artichoke Hearts

It’s totally worth a week’s worth of steamed veggies and poached chicken breasts for this weekend splurge.

The Porter Beer Bar

Lagunita & Kiuchi Brewery (Kiuchi Hitachino White)

Lagunitas Fusion XVIII

Pork & Foie Gras Terrine

With Quail Egg, Pickled Vegetables, Bacon Jam & Bacon Powder

Starter Menu


Victory Sandwich Bar

Spiked Sodas

We started with a Root Canal.


A Paloma

We never would have guessed the magic that would happen by simply adding absinthe to root beer. It cranks the complexity off the charts. It’s root beer, intensified. [...]