The Setting:  An American burger chain/fast food restaurant geared to volume.  You order in line, help yourself to drinks and take a seat while they prepare your burger.  This ultra kid friendly restaurant has an assortment of game machines, gumball dispensers and kid-style activities to keep them busy while you wait.

The Service:  Rushed, but, friendly

The Food:  I have to admit, we’ve never been huge fans of this chain.  It’s usually noisy, crowded and the beef burgers have always lacked flavor.  But, on our most recent visit, we opted for the Buffalo Burger and the Ostrich Burger.  And, we’re glad we did.  These two burgers have given  us a new appreciation of this chain.

Ostrich Buger —  Rich & meaty, juicy, and tender — We were both shocked on our first bite.  This burger has a ton of flavor even though it has significantly less fat than a standard beef burger.  We loved it!  (Fuddruckers first put the Ostrich Burger on the menu at a limited number of the restaurants in 2000.  I can’t believe we’ve never noticed it on the menu before today.)

Buffalo Burger — While the burger was cooked to a perfect internal temperature of medium, this burger was a bit tougher, the texture was firm and dense, and oddly dry.  We detected just a hint of gaminess, but not in an unpleasant way.  And, taking into consideration the lower fat content, we wouldn’t hesitate to order this over the standard burger any day of the week!  It is easily as good, or possibly even better, than their standard burger.

Star of the Day:  The Ostrich Burger served on a whole wheat bun!  (The whole wheat buns are far superior to their standard bun.  The whole wheat buns are dense and nutty.  And, the whole wheat grains add texture.) 

We’ll be back for another round of tasting soon.  We’ve only sampled the burgers once.  We’ll be back to verify that they can maintain the quality of the burger over time.

Check their website for locations near you.

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