Asian Supermarket

We’ve been dying for an excuse to run into this market (opened in early Feb.). Finally, we needed a new batch of jasmine tea. This location was quick and easy. And, we were beyond thrilled with the assortment. The market might be a touch on the small side. But, the […]

Henry’s Hard Soda – Ginger Ale

Henry’s Hard Soda Ginger Ale

The first word that springs immediately to our mind is mild. Yes, we’d say this is mild and mostly pleasant. The sweetness hits first. It’s clearly present in that way that full sugar sodas tend to be. But, it’s not […]

Chaska Street Food

Chaska Street Food

Huge Murals…

…And, Food Carts Decorate The Space

Plain Dosa (With Sambar (or, Sambhar) And Cilantro Chutney)

Samosa Chat

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The Rooftop View From McCray’s Tavern

First, you’ll weave your way around to the back.

Climb the stairs and walk the cat-walk.

Texas Margarita & Deep Eddy Tea

Then, it’s time for a […]

Local Republic

Local Republic

Beer Board

Georgia Beer

East Coast

Stone Enjoy By 4/20

Chicken Livers With Tomato Jam

These were beautifully […]

Antiques & Beyond

Antiques & Beyond

We know these little trays should come with a matching tea tin. We’ve recently seen the matching tea tin (without the trays) at another antique shop. But, we’ll be using these as cocktail snack trays. So, we have no need for that […]

Summits Wayside Tavern

Summit’s Chicken Wings

Ten of these large wings were incredibly filling. We wanted more. But, we’ll have to wait until next time. After 5 wings each, we were absolutely stuffed beyond belief.

Then, we did a bit of light reading.


Las Margaritas

Las Margaritas

Cuban Mojito




Actually, that’s too generous. This sangria was rather unpleasant. And, the plastic glasses only underlined that fact.


Wicked Weed Brewing — La Bonte

Wicked Weed Brewing La Bonte Tart Farmhouse Ale With Figs

Tart… That’s an understatement.

Tart & funky, yes, quite. But, for us, it’s not in a good way this time.

This wasn’t a favorite.

Wicked Weed Brewing


Orpheus Brewing — Atalanta

Atalanta Tart Plum Saison Orpheus Brewing

Rule #1: Do not drink this out of the can!!!

Rule #2: See rule #1.

Once removed from said can, it’s a pleasure to drink.

We might overuse the word lovely and delightful. […]