Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale — Small Town Brewery

Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale Small Town Brewery (5.9% alcohol by volume)

Here’s another seriously sweet one for the books.

It’s kinda sorta semi-interesting. Though the sweetness tends to overwhelm, there is an interesting sugary sweet crystalized ginger flavor that’s present here. So, on the one […]

Aladdin’s Mediterranean Grill

Aladdin’s Schwarma Platter

Chicken & Beef

Aladdin’s Kabob Sampler

Lamb, Beef, & Chicken

The lamb was beautifully tender, delicious, and properly cooked.


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Kinky Cocktails Kinky Beverage Co.

Labeled a malt beverage in the finer print, we bought these for fun…. and to mock. We completely expected these to be absolutely and utterly horrible. Oddly, they weren’t. They were a bit too sweet, but, really not bad at all. Mango adds […]

Las Vegas Neon And Frank & Fina’s Mexican Cocina

El Cortez — $9.95 Prime Rib

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The Bay

Faux Ya Ya

Another visit, another great meal…

The Bay’s Gin & Tonic (Bayside, behind)

Point Washington Rolls

What’s this? Alligator egg rolls?

Under normal circumstances, we might […]

Chester Brunnenmeyer’s

Chester Brunnenmeyer’s Bar & Grill

Great beer…

Chicken Wings

…Good food

We’re happy.

Mesquite Burger

With Pimento Cheese

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Grumpy Old Men & Wicked Weed

Grumpy Old Men Brewing Blue Ridge, GA (Grasshoppa Imperial IPA)

We both loved it!

Actually, we loved both of these two enough that we thought that they deserved special attention. This visual reminder serves as a great way to keep them fresh in our minds. We’re […]

Stroopwafels — Crispy Caramel Waffles

Best stroopwafels ever? They might be.

We can’t say that just yet. (Yet.) We haven’t tried them ALL. (Yet.) But, these are definitely the best that we’ve ever tasted. EV-ER! These were so incredibly fresh. The waffle was crispy and brittle and lightly dusted with the right amount […]

Destin & Diving

Scouting out the area on the first afternoon…


Bright and early on a misty day…

With […]

Mission Brewery — Hard Root Beer

Mission Hard Root Beer (Mission Brewery, San Diego)

The scent that drifted up to us was so very tempting. The scent was old fashioned root beer. At that moment, we wanted to love this. But, after the first sip, it’s just too much.

Too much licorice, […]