La Suprema Bakery

Two crumbly pecan cookies sandwiched together with pineapple jam then rolled in icing and sugar.  These tasty cookies are bigger than my fist.  YUM!

This attractive roll consists of a basic dough.  (No filling)  But, rolled in granulated sugar, this makes a great roll to serve with a cup of coffee.

This molasses piggy is quite rich with shortening.

The pastry/roll at the upper right is filled with guava jam.  It also has a basic bread dough as the “pastry”.  This was an enjoyable treat, but, we would have enjoyed it significantly more if they were a bit  more generous with the guava paste… lotsa bread & 4 bites of guava paste.

La Suprema Bakery
Clairmont & Buford Highway
(Clairmont side of Fiesta Plaza)

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