Lunch @ Joey D's

The Setting:  Large glass windows allow light into a dining room that is pleasantly dim with candle light at night.

The Staff:  Friendly and Efficient

The Food:

BBQ Beef Sandwich:  Barbecued beef torn off of freshly made BBQ beef ribs are combined with a sweet & mildly spicy barbecue sauce.  Then, it’s piled generously on a soft egg roll.  Rich flavor is imparted by the bits of charred beef shredded into the barbecue sauce.  The one fault for some might be the generous use of their barbecue sauce.

Salmon Sandwich:  Perfectly grilled salmon on a simple hoagie roll with lettuce and tomato.  The careful attention to proper cooking time make this sandwich great.  The salmon is grilled to a perfect temperature, moist on the inside and golden brown along the edges.

Prime Rib Sandwich:  Thin slices of their own prime rib are served on a simple roll with au jus on the side.  Generous amounts of tender meat are piled into the soft roll.  I love the tenderness of the prime rib.

Filet Mignon Sandwich:  Sliced filet mignon on a roll.  What’s not to love?  It’s a great sandwich.  But, I prefer the tenderness and richer meaty flavor of the prime rib.

Reuben Sandwich:  Carnegie Deli corned beef!  I don’t know how I’ve missed trying this sandwich over the 10+ years we’ve visited Joey D’s… this oversight on my part will be remedied tout de suite!!

House Salad with House Dressing:  Love it!  Almonds, chopped boiled egg, & bacon make this salad a meal.  There is a bit of sweetness from the honey in the bacon & honey mustard dressing.  And, the always warm croissant has a honeyed glaze.  In a moment of weakness, I could easily make a meal out of a basket of their warm-flaky-yummy-gooey croissants!

Verdict:  BBQ beef and prime rib are my favorite sandwiches at Joey D’s.  But, all of their sandwiches are great and incredibly reliable.  This is a perfect spot to grab a quick & enjoyable no-worries lunch.

Joey D’s Oak Room
1015 Crown Pointe Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30338
770 512 7063

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