Lunch @ JCT

Shrimp & Grits topped off with a poached egg

Shrimp & Grits

This successful version of the dish boasts a sauce rich with sauteed onions & garlic.  The grits are rich, full-flavored and creamy.  The shrimp are plump and tender, and one perfectly poached egg finishes the dish.  This is one of the best versions of this dish that we’ve tasted in Atlanta.

Fish & Chips with sweet & sour slaw

Crisp & airy breading encases moist cod filets.  While this version of fish & chips is enjoyable, we prefer their Sunday Supper’s Sweetwater brined & fried catfish.  (mentioned here)

JCT Kitchen & Bar
1198 Howell Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30318
404 355 2252

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