Popped Sorghum

Hot N’ Chilly Chili Mini Pops
(Air Popped Sorghum Grain)

Dusted with chili powder, garlic and other spices (cumin and paprika?), this is a nice little snack.  But, the little popped grains have an unpleasant ratio of pesky skins to fluffy grain.  That’s even more tough skins to get stuck in your teeth.  Not fun.

Mini Pops

Whole Foods

1 comment to Popped Sorghum

  • Abby439

    I love these little Mini Pops, and I can’t eat popcorn precisely because of those hulls that get caught between my teeth and gums. I find that Mini Pops NEVER gets caught in my gums because the hulls are so tiny. I’ve only had Buttered, but I’ll have to try this spicy one! Thanks!

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