El Taco Veloz

Barbacoa Burrito

One big flour tortilla is stuffed with tender bits of rich, meaty shredded beef, minced onions and cilantro.  There was a nice balance of meat to tortilla.

(And, this will be our go-to… to go.)


Barbacoa up front, chile relleno in back

Barbacoa Taco

Generously stuffed with richly flavored, tender shredded meat?

Hell, yeah.

Chile Relleno

Mere minutes later, we were home and eating.  Everything was a bit too soft from the drive.  The chile relleno suffered the most.  It was quite soggy.  Even so, everything was incredibly tasty.  What’s not to love about a drive-thru that’s open til midnight every day of the week?  And, 4 am on Fridays and Saturdays?  That’s a serious win.

El Taco Veloz
5084 Buford Highway
Doraville, GA 30341
770 936 9094

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