Chaska Street Food

Chaska Street Food

Huge Murals…

…And, Food Carts Decorate The Space

Plain Dosa (With Sambar (or, Sambhar) And Cilantro Chutney)

Samosa Chat

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BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

Hidden In The ‘Burbs

Everyone Is Welcome

Turkish limestone, Italian marble, and Indian pink sandstone become one huge work of art.

Beauty, peace, and tranquility lies […]

Your Pie

Your Pie

Are you in the mood to be creative? Or, do you need a quick meal?

Build Your Own

For just under $8, you can. It’s super quick and easy.

Taste? It’s pretty darn “ok” […]

Angry Whopper

Angry Whopper

Is it the angriest whopper, really? We hope not. That’d be sad.

Is it a bun? Or, is it play-doh?

The bun glows an unnatural shade of red. It’s denser than a standard whopper bun. But, it’s not that […]

Gam Cho

Gam Cho

Even if you say you’re eating in the small space, it’s served up as to-go food. If one of Gam Cho’s two tables are available, you can linger a bit.

This chicken has a super hard (brittle hard… […]

KFC — Nashville Hot Chicken

KFC’s Nashville Hot Chicken

KFC’s Nashville Hot Chicken (8 Pieces)

KFC’s Nashville Hot Chicken (3 Tenders)

The Problem Is Consistency

After one bite, we think “Hm, it’s not really that bad. ” It’s […]

VN Tofu

VN Tofu’s Special Combination Banh Mi (about $3)

The Special

Lined up and ready to go, it just doesn’t get any quicker than this. You can grab this and be on the road in just a couple minutes (That is, if you can […]

Fruit Tart

Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, & Blueberry Tart

Loaded with berries topping pastry cream, this was a tasty little treat. When we visit the Georgia Aquarium, this is our snack of choice.

The large peanut butter cookie is perfect for sharing.

Aladdin’s Mediterranean Grill

Aladdin’s Mediterranean Grill & Deli Restaurant


And Beef

Every bite was delicious, again.

We’ve loved Aladdin’s for years. And, we’re still loving it.

Aladdin’s Mediterranean Grill 8725 Roswell Road Atlanta, […]

Cuban Sandwich

Cuban Sandwich

If you make a Cuban sandwich, you should have Cuban bread. But, this is Subway’s Cuban sandwich. So, we probably shouldn’t expect too much.

They do have an Italian roll. And, we’d say that it has a better texture than most […]