Crazy Ron’s BBQ

Crazy Ron’s BBQ Rib Plate

That little red train car dished up one giant mound of tender saucy ribs, again.  We’re really starting to crave these giants on a regular basis.

With Beans & Potato Salad

We did miss the collard greens.  But, there’s always next time.

Peggy’s Jumbo BBQ Pork Sandwich

What’s better than popping open a frosty soda and chowing down on some tasty roadside bbq on a hot summer day?

Another visit, another pile of saucy ribs and a big mound of pork on a bun begging to be devoured.  We dare you to find a better meal dished up by friendlier folks near Stone Mountain Village.

Crazy Ron’s Bar-B-Q
6187 East Ponce De Leon Avenue
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
770 413 5900

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