Tassa Roti

The Setting:  Converted from a small house, this charming little white building now houses a little restaurant with two small dining areas.  One room houses the buffet and a handful of tables, the second more tables and access to the wooden deck.  We choose the deck.  Large wooden picnic tables have you feeling like you’re dining with family.

The Staff:  Friendly, helpful, and busy as they keep the buffet full of freshly prepared food.

The Food:  It’s all good!  The real strength isn’t in a single dish, but, in the array of dishes that are the Trinidadian equivalent of comfort food.

Jerk Chicken, Stewed — The blend of spices, sweet & otherwise, was just about perfect.  The chicken was moist & tender.  Love it!  But, I’d love it even more if it were grilled over a wood fire instead of stewed in the oven.

Curry Chicken — I’ve never been a fan of curry chicken.  But, Tassa Roti’s version with the addition of sweet spices to the traditional curry blend make it taste of something truly special.  The multitude of spices lend an incredible complexity. And, once again, the chicken is tender and moist.

Stewed Chicken — Our least favorite, it was too mild compared to the other two chicken dishes… a simple stewed chicken in a mild tomato-y broth

Callaloo — Rich & sweet with coconut milk and pleasantly herbal

Coo Coo — A yummy cornmeal dressing with raisins… perfect paired with the jerk chicken & ULTRA SPICY habanero pepper sauce

Aloo (Potato Curry) — A hint of sweetness perfectly accents the creamy potato curry… again perfect to pair with the spicy stews.

Buss-up-shut, Paratha Roti, or Dosti Roti — multiple paper thin wheat flatbreads brushed with butter and grilled together giving a light flaky appearance.  Rich with buttery, nutty, toasty wheat flavor, what a perfect implement to sop up all the saucy goodness.

Channa — Chickpea curry with onions and spices

Star of the Day:  Tassa Roti, putting the C(aribbean) in comfort.

Tassa Roti Shop
224 Powers Ferry Road
Marietta, GA 30067
770 977 3163

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