Thinking Man Tavern

Cheddar Guac Burger with Parmesan Grill Roasted Corn

This was a very big & tasty burger covered with generous amounts of cheddar and guac.  But, it was the gorgeous grilled corn smothered with shredded cheese on the side made that made us really happy.

Bourbon Fried Chicken

The extremely crisp and brittle shell on this chicken breast was quite unique.  It had a very hard, crisp crumbly crunch.  That hard shell revealed a very moist and tender interior.  Adding a mountain of mashed sweet potatoes and green beans made this one incredibly hearty lunch.

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale

The sweet malt, roasty dark caramel and an oaky background made this one smooth beer that was really easy to drink.  It had a good dose of sweetness.  But, it wasn’t too sweet.

Comfort food and a good beer, what more do you want?  Board games and a comfy room with mismatched chairs and a concrete floor to lounge around in while you eat, drink and be merry?


Thinking Man Tavern
537 West Howard Avenue
Decatur, GA 30030
404 370  1717

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