Fox Bros BBQ

Fox Bros Bar-B-Q Paloma Margarita

Tequila Blanco, ruby grapefruit juice, triple sec and agave

Abita Pecan Harvest Ale

BBQ Chicken Half with White BBQ Sauce, Mac & Cheese And Cornbread

After too many years to count of consistently gorgeous spice-rubbed chicken with tender, moist and delicious smoky meat, it safe to say that Fox Bros BBQ is dishing up a perfect barbecued chicken.  And, that spicy jalapeno cornbread is so delightfully crave-worthy.

Burnt Ends in Barbecue Sauce

So rich, smoky and delicious, it’s a great occasional indulgence.  Sandwich or platter, you choose.  But, if you choose platter, you must be hungry or be prepare to have leftovers.

Collards & Cornbread

Both touched with lovely spice, this hearty combination makes a perfect small meal in its own right.

Fox Bros. BBQ
1238 Dekalb Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30307
404 577 4030

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