J&J Jamaican

Jerk Chicken, rice & peas, and plantains

Rich grilled flavor with a good amount of spice, the jerk chicken was tasty.  Rice and peas had all the flavors you would expect.  The cabbage was tender with a nice dose of buttery flavor.  Ox tail stew was rich, beefy and tender with a dense sauce.  This new spot just east of Stone Mountain Park has a lot of potential.  We’ll be back when they have a full menu to offer.  They were almost sold out of every dish on our visit.

Round Spice Bun

One glass display case is filled with coco bread, buns, and ginger candy.  And, the soda fridge had a great assortment Jamaincan sodas with ginger beer, malt soda, coconut water, and other Jamaican branded sodas.  But, our favorite might be the cran-sorrel juice with a nice kick of ginger.

J&J Jamaican Restaurant
5210 Stone Mountain Highway (Hwy 78)
Stone Mountain, GA 30087
770 498 8919

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  • Maz

    All the food is good, and great chicken patty’s and the jerk chicken was excellent with all right spices and flavors and love the assortments of drinks.

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