Gokul Sweets — Another Visit

Malai Jam & Kala Jamun

Similar to gulab jamun, kala jamun are fried balls soaked in sugar syrup and rolled in coconut.  Kala jamun have a bit more density, compared to the softer, lighter gulab jamun.  Gokul Sweets makes malai jam by slicing one kala jamun in half to create a base.  It is then iced with a rich cream fudge-like frosting.  Other versions of malai jam sandwich two halves of gulab jamun or kala jamun with mawa (the reduced cream fudge shown in the photo above)

Pav Bhaji Dosa

Pav Bhaji Dosa currently tops my list of favorite snack foods.  Potato, a blend of vegetables and a masala spice blend fill this dosa.  The incredibly rich and complex Bombay masala spice blend used in this dish combine sweet spices with savory.  Creating a near perfect blend of sweet, savory and red pepper heat.  This blend of spices are particularly addictive and the carb-rich pancake and potato filling add another comfort food element.  Love it!

Also Crave-worthy:
A wall full of Indian style snack foods…  fried chickpea dough  strips/chips, fried plantain slices (spiced and plain), fried peanuts, masala cashews, black pepper cashews, and a ton of other fried treats.  All dangerously rich and extremely addictive!

Gokul Sweets
763 Dekalb Industrial Way
Decatur, GA 30033
404 299 2062

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