Scotch Bonnet Jamaican Eatery

Scotch Bonnet Jamaican Eatery

Just look for the big red pepper.

Then, place your order.

Take a look at the smoker while you wait.

Covered seating, this is an especially handy feature on a rainy day.

The Food

Smoky, spicy, & delicious.

Jerk Chicken
(Rice & Peas, Buttered Cabbage, & Sweet Fried Plantains)

Every bit of this meal belongs together  …just like this.  The chicken demands to be piled over the rice and cabbage.  The extra sauce blends into the mix to make something so special, there are no words to describe it.

A food and art fair in Miami set the bar very high for us.  And, few jerk stands live up to the memory of our favorite meal.  This one is close.  REAL close.

It’s hacked into pieces to allow the sauce to coat every tender morsel of smoky meat.


Jerk Ribs

Equally delicious.

Big chunks of meaty pork ends are added in there, too.  Three big ribs and ends could easily make two meals.  But, don’t forget, you also have a mountain of rice & peas and generous mound of cabbage to eat.  It’s a spicy feast for a day.

Scotch Bonnet Jamaican Eatery
Facebook (To Check Their Hours For The Day)
4454 Campbellton Road SW
Atlanta, GA 30331
404 344 3359

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