Abattoir — Another visit

Duck Meatballs

Served on a bed of greens, the duck meatballs were melt-in-your-mouth tender and succulent.  I could eat these every day of my life… truly.  When we asked about the preparation, we were told they were poached.  But, I’m thinking for tenderness like this… sous vide.  And then, briefly pan fried in duck fat?  They are worth every luscious calorie.

Fried Chicken Liver with fried pickles and red onion relish

Served with the perfect blush of pink in their centers, the super-crisp fried chicken livers were devoured in mere seconds.  Acid and tang from the accompanying fried pickles and red onion relish brighten up the dish… Yum!

Shrimp with an Asian spiced broth

This is without a doubt the ugliest dish we’ve ever received at Abattoir.  While, tasty, it was more than a little forgettable.  When you are expecting Star Provisions quality,  a dish that looks like this is more than a little disappointing.

Warm bread… mMmm

1170 Howell Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30318
404 892 3335

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