Pizzeria Vesuvius

Bone Lick BBQ Pizza with Fried Collards

So good… it’s all about the toppings here.

Crispy, salted deep-fried collards lend a hearty crunch.  It makes a perfect companion to the Bone Lick BBQ’s tangy pulled pork.  Just the right touch of vinegar and black pepper in the barbecue sauce bring this pizza to life.  To put it simply, we enjoyed each and every bite.

The Fico

This pizza was generously piled with relatively thick slices of prosciutto and plenty of fig jam.  If we wanted to be picky, we might say they were a bit too generous with the fig jam.  Still, it was a very tasty pie.

Two Styles:  Neapolitan or New York

Want to choose your own?  They have plenty of lovely options.

A Late Lunch

Pizzeria Vesuvius
327 Edgewood Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30312
404 343 4404

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