Fried Oysters @ Crawfish Shack

Fried Shrimp with hush puppies and potato salad

Fish fried to order and speedy (almost instant) delivery of the fried food to your table contribute greatly to the success of Crawfish Shack.  For fried food to be eaten at the peak of its perfection, there is a very small window in time.  And, the small size of this restaurant aids its success.  With each visit to date we’ve been rewarded with steaming hot & crispy shrimp that maintain their tender and succulent interiors.

Fried Oysters & fries

Breaded with a bit of a heavier hand, this order of fried oysters was still quite enjoyable.

Con: They close too early!  (Mon-Thur  @ 7:00pm & Fri-Sun @ 8:00pm)

Crawfish Shack
4337 Buford Highway, Suite 170
Atlanta, GA 30341
404 929 6789

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