Halloween Whopper – Burger King

The A.1. Halloween Whopper at Burger King

We confess.  We’re still children at heart.  So, we had to try a black bunned halloween whopper.  (Or, to be completely honest, we bought two.  We weren’t in the mood to share.  Though, in retrospect, we probably should have.  Whoppers are pretty big.  Unless you’re starving, they’re really too big.)

We’ll also admit to the fact that it was sort of twisted and fun eating a black whopper.  Mass produced junk food that’s this bad should have an ominous tone, right?  Ominous looking black bun?  Check.

So how was it?

Yep, it tastes like a whopper.  Supposedly, the black bun has the flavor of A1 steak sauce baked into it.  But, to our knowledge we’ve never purchased or tasted A.1. steak sauce before.  So, who knows?  There’s a definite flavor to that dark black bun.  It’s sort of barbecue-y with a touch of something grilled or charred.

(Note:  We’re pretty sure both of our halloween whoppers had only a very small amount of mayo on them.  And, this was probably a good thing.  We’re guessing we would’ve liked this whopper a lot less with both mayo AND A.1. steak sauce.  That would just be too much wet sauce for that bun.  Even with very little mayo on ours, it was quite soft and wet just a few bites into it.)

Better than a regular whopper?  Ok, sure.  We suppose so.  But, then again, isn’t pretty much everything better than a regular whopper?

Burger King

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