Vanilla Nut Brown Crown

Nut Brown Crown with Chocolate/Vanilla Ice Cream Swirl

Best Ice Cream In The World! …they say.  Who is this “they”?  Zesto’s website.

It might not be the best ice cream in the WORLD.  But, it’s one of our favorite guilty pleasures.  Sometimes, that inner child buried deep down can be easy to please.  Sometimes.

From the glowing neon to the two-tone turquoise vinyl seats and speckled formica table tops to those cheery red umbrellas, this place is a blast.  And, the folkscopin’ can be more than colorful.  You might even make friends with your friendly neighborhood ___.
(You know how to fill in that blank, don’t you?)

Feed your inner child and make friends (at your own risk) in the real world.

(The location for this visit, Pictured Above)
12469 Piedmont Road NE
Altanta, GA 30324
404 237 8689

Or, Check out our 2nd favorite location:

544 Ponce De Leon Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30308
404 607 1118

2 comments to Zesto

  • Yum!

    I dig Zesto’s too.

  • michele

    Hey Jimmy,
    LOVE soft serve…
    …I keep threatening to experiment with a version of homemade “chocolate dip”. My goal would be to shoot for a really deep dark bittersweet chocolate. But, given the amount of butter or coconut oil you need to keep it brittle, it probably would end up more in the dark milk chocolate range.

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