Elderflower Syrup @ Ikea

Elderflower Drink, Elderflower Syrup, Swedish Mustard & Hazelnut Chocolate

Elderflower Drink & Syrup

We’re both fans of St Germain liqueur.  (The delicate floral liqueur that hints of sweet white flowers baking in the summer sun, honey and some sort of wispy barely-there taste of citrus and lychee.)  So, we were happily surprised to see elderflower juice drinks and syrup at Ikea. We were skeptical that these inexpensive drinks would have the depth and complexity of the addictive liqueur.  It’s true.  They do lack the depth of flavor and intensity of St Germain.  But, they do have the delicate, sweet floral essence that makes St Germain so incredibly unique.  It’s just a more muted version.  We’ll be adding this to our cabinet of bar supplies for additional testing.

Swedish Mustard

We can’t say this is one of our favorite mustards.  It’s more mild (bordering on sweet) than the German and French mustards we prefer.  But, it’s better than most grocery store varieties.  And, for $2.50 it’s a deal.  We’d pick this over a standard yellow mustard any day of the week.

Hazelnut Milk Chocolate

This bar reminds us of the Lost “Dharma Initiative” food with its nearly generic logo.  It’s fine.  We’d rank it slightly above a convenience store chocolate bar… fairly similar in taste to a Milka bar with chopped hazelnuts.

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Atlanta, GA 30363
404 745 4532

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