White Oak Pastures

White Oak Pastures — Beautiful Brown Eggs (Laid with love by their cage-free, free-range hens)

They really are beautiful eggs.

But, more importantly they’re seriously delicious eggs.

We are two lucky people who’ve had the good fortune to [...]


Siggi’s Icelandic Style Skyr

So rich, dense and creamy, it’s almost impossible to fathom that this is a fat free yogurt.

Love it! Seriously.

We’ve tried the Mango & Pineapple and coconut, too. Both are tasty. But, we LOVED the pomegranate & passionfruit that’s mostly tart [...]

Bird’s Nest Drink

WonderFarm Bird’s Nest White Fungus Drink

This syrupy sweet white fungus drink was a bit like drinking a mix of simple syrup with the slight background of very light caramel and a barely there hint of fruity floral. The slippery little pieces of white fungus were a bit [...]

Chocolate Turkey

Bissinger’s Hand Painted Chocolate Turkey

Is it a good idea or a bad idea to have 3 pounds of chocolate in the house for Thanksgiving? If this were 3 pounds of dark chocolate, we probably wouldn’t have resisted the temptation of a hand painted chocolate [...]

Jaemor Farms

Tip # 1 Don’t wait until the weekend before Halloween to go pumpkin shopping.

This field was previously packed with pumpkins.

These were the last pumpkins to remain homeless.

But, there’s still plenty for the kids to [...]

Star Provisions — The Dossant

Star Provision’s Chocolate Hazelnut Dossant

Layer upon layer of buttery laminated dough like the best croissant… But, this dossant is glistening with a paper-thin crispy creme brûlée caramel shell. And, it’s stuffed with a rich chocolate hazelnut ganache, sprinkled with ground hazelnuts, and drizzled with chocolate.

Bottarga Powder @ Buford Highway Farmers Market

Gourmet Sardinia’s Grated Bottarga

3.5 Ounces For 34.99 In a Pouch

The Kitchen Goods Area

Love All Of The Jars & Plates & Pot & Pans

And, I love my new (thick) blue steel wok.


High Road Craft Ice Creams

Roasted Coconut Kaffir & Pistachio Honey Ricotta

Aztec Chocolate & Caramel

We couldn’t decide on one flavor. So, we went home with three. All three were uniquely delicious in their own individual ways. Richly layered with serious flavor, they demand (and deserve) your full attention.


Gwinnett County Fair 2013

Gwinnett County Fair 2013

Deep Fried Everything

Onion Rings…

Deep Fried Oreos, Deep Fried Twinkies…

Deep Fried Snickers

And, Deep Fried Pecan Pie, Too


Onion & Herb Pakora

5 pieces for $2.49

They’re crispy, more veggies than batter and still hot, too?

We LOVE these! They’re too good.

Four very large samosas for the same price, one of each could [...]