JR’s Log House (Breakfast)

Cathead Biscuits & Blueberry Cakes

It’s hard to gauge their size.  But, these are very big, fluffy biscuits.  The size of a cathead?  Maybe.  (Probably bigger, we can’t be sure.  We don’t have a cat with us to compare.  We’ll take their word for it.)

Smucker’s Jam Assortment
Packets of Smucker’s honey and syrup were available, too.
(In that butter basket peeking into the shot)

3 Over Easy Eggs & Perfectly Browned Hash Browns

(And, a side order of biscuits & gravy for the hungry man at the table)

2 Eggs with Country Ham, Red Eye Gravy & Grits

The one real failure was the country ham.  It was excessively tough, dry and chewy.

And, the red eye gravy had an unpleasant murkiness to it.  The grits were the typical old-fashioned style.  Bland and boring.  A little butter and Tabasco livened them up nicely.  The country ham was unsalvageable… thank goodness for the blueberry cake & biscuit basket.

JR’s Log House
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