Kimchi Dumplings @ Buford Hwy Farmers Market

Kimchi Dumplings

Kimchi (or kim chee) dumplings are one of our favorite items from the prepared foods section of Buford Highway Farmers Market.  They disappear fast.  So, they’re usually still piping hot in the package.  After fighting the crowds, these mildly spicy dumplings make a great quick lunch.

We also found some gorgeous fruit:

Golden Berries

Slightly sweet, golden berries (cape gooseberry) have a taste that is a cross between a fruity tomato and a sweet & sour kiwi.  The texture is similar to a tomato.  They’re quite unique.

Dragon Fruit

Why don’t we buy these gorgeous fruit more often?  Ah, yes, I remember now.  They have very little flavor.  This pretty package offers little in the flavor department.  It’s actually amazing that something so pretty could have such a boring flavor.  My honey describes the experience to be like “eating water”.  The flesh is soft, smooth, and juicy with a watery hint of sweetness.  The seeds resemble those of a kiwi.  They pop interestingly between your teeth.  What little flavor this fruit does have seems to come from the seeds.  They offer a burst of barely-there freshness. Two large dragon fruit cost $15 dollars ($5.99 a pound, I believe.)

Buford Highway Farmers Market
5600 Buford Highway NW
Doraville, GA 30340
770 455 6701

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