Veranda Greek Taverna

Lamb, Potato Croquettes, & Green Beans

We enjoyed our recent lunchtime visit to Veranda.  The entire tapas menu is $5 per selection.  Two grilled lamb chops with wine reduction, two potato fritters and a nice little serving of green beans with garlic and olive oil for $5.  We were pleasantly shocked.  (I could make a meal out of this single dish.)  If the lamb chops were cooked to medium rare, this could be close to a perfect dish.  But, even cooked a bit beyond medium, they were still tender.

Shrimp in chunky tomato sauce with feta

Another favorite, the shrimp were plump and tender.  Served in a sop-worthy sauce, the feta added a nice burst of flavor to the chunky tomato sauce.  Sadly, no bread or pita to sop up the sauce.

Mussels in Ouzo

The ouzo broth was full of flavor and the mussels were tender.  But, once again, we would have enjoyed a bit of bread or pita to sop up the broth… our favorite part of this dish.

Walnut Cake

This moist & tender cake had a lovely blend of sweet spices and walnut.


Veranda’s version of bougatsa consists of a dense semolina custard wrapped in two sheets of phyllo.  Served cold, it was fine in a way that only hospital/cafeteria food can be, but, with a Greek flare.  The phyllo was quite soft and soggy.  We were hoping the phyllo would be crisp and buttery… maybe a drizzle of honey?  Oh well.  (I think we’d enjoy this more after a night out…  or, after a wicked stomach flu.  I bet my Mom, Queen Of All Things Bland, would love it.)

Veranda Greek Taverna
11235 Alpharetta Highway
Suite 102
Alpharetta, GA 30076
678 330 1218

4 comments to Veranda Greek Taverna

  • Helen

    Do they serve fresh fried (or grilled) sardines or anchovies?????? We love them!

    Thanks, as always, for the tips!

  • michele

    Hi Helen,

    I’m not sure about the anchovies or sardines. They do have a grilled octopus dish that we would have tried, but, we’d already eaten too much… next time. The tapas servings are very generous here.

    If you give them a try… we’d love to hear about your visit.

  • Itisme73

    They used to serve a fried smelt and they were fantastic! I am not sure if is on the menu any longer. I do know that new menu has a few modern mediterrenian choices and has gone a more international route.

    Still worth a try compared to anything else in Roswell!

  • michele

    I think fried smelts were on the tapas menu… but, I’m not 100% sure. If they’re still on the menu, we’ll definitely try them next time.

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