Banana Pudding Milkshake (Chick-fil-a)

Chick-fil-a’s Banana Pudding Milkshake

We hate to admit it.  But, in our weaker moments,  we’re known to partake in a fast food milkshake or two.  There are a handful that have grown to resemble a sort of quasi-not-quite love.  But, it’s a fairly strong like.  Chick-fil-a’s mint chip, Mickey D’s strawberry, Arby’s Jamocha, a couple from Steak & Shake, and Starbuck’s latest Frappuccino of the hour make the short list.  (They can call it a Frappuccino.  But, it’s still a milkshake.)

This is a nice creamy milkshake with good banana flavor.  There are loads of crumbled pieces of ‘nilla wafer.  And, a hefty dose of whipped cream on top adds to the simulated banana pudding appeal.  For a fast food milkshake, this is quite tasty.

We’ll be adding this banana pudding milkshake to that short list… for a limited time, at least.


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