What's for dinner on Thanksgiving?

Will you be out of town visiting family for the traditional turkey, ham and fixings?  Or, did you draw the short straw for a family invasion?

Or, my personal favorite… did you take the year off?  Avoiding the hassle can be easy in Atlanta with all of the dining choices.  Buford Highway and the corner diner are just a fraction of the choices available.  Many restaurants keeps their doors open for Thanksgiving.  Many people enjoy a hassle-free holiday.  And, dining out offers those who prefer to stay out of the kitchen an alternative.  Reservations are easy to come by, traffic is nonexistent, and zero effort is required. 

We’ve chosen restaurant dining on more than one occasion for the holiday.  And, we were shocked to find that we weren’t the only ones.  One year, we waited for over an hour at The Colonnade.  We watched the line grow longer and longer, stretching its way into the parking lot as we waited.  Another year, we chose one of our favorite restaurants on Buford Highway.  And, yet another, we dined happily on foie gras, duck breast and creme caramel.  That particular Thanksgiving has proven to be one of our all time favorites.  A quiet romantic dinner for the two of us held more meaning and memories than hours in the kitchen ever could.  Spending hours in the kitchen doesn’t make Thanksgiving any more special.  It’s just one of many options available in this great city.

If you don’t have the time, energy or inclination to spend one of your precious days off in the kitchen… go out to dinner.  It might be one of your favorite memories for years to come…

For restaurants with availability this Thanksgiving check out OpenTable.com

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