Agnes & Muriel's

The Setting:  Currently, a free standing brick house conversion, but, soon to be relocated.

The Staff:  Friendly and attentive

The Food:  This used to be one of our favorite brunch spots… years ago.  But, changes have been made since our last visit.  We immediately noticed a difference in the coffee.  I’m not sure if they’re using a new brand or if it was merely diluted, but, this new coffee is significantly less tasty (bordering on downright bad). 

The home fries of my memories were hand-cut, well seasoned and browned crisp in the oven.  The new version appear to be battered wedge cut fries.  And, I’m guessing they are not made in-house.  They’re fine, but, they do not compare to the originals.

Finally, our favorite choice off the menu… Chicken Biscuit Benedict.  Similar to our memories, but, the chicken breast and hollandaise were lacking spice.  And, the biscuit that serves as a base appeared a bit clunky.  It’s possible we just got a bad biscuit, but, taking into account the other changes, I’m just not sure.  On previous visits (years ago), the Agnes & Muriel’s biscuits were a reason to visit.  Slathered with their homemade dark apple butter (no longer present) that was rich with molasses and spice, they could be eaten as a meal. 

We left feeling sad and reminiscent for a place that no longer exists.  At least we have our memories…

Agnes & Muriel’s (relocating on Jan 1, 2009)
1514 Monroe Drive
Atlanta, GA 30324
404 885 1000

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