Fast Food Bites — KFC’s Grilled Spicy Wings

In my book, most fast food falls on a sliding scale of “not bad”.  The bottom side of that scale?  “Eh, it’s edible.  And, I’d rather eat this than starve.”  The top side of that scale would be a surprised declaration.  “Hmm… not bad.”  These wings fall somewhere on the good side of “not bad”.  The grilled spicy chicken breast is better still (more meat less skin).

Previously, KFC was dead to me.  Now, KFC’s grilled spicy chicken falls just under Chipotle’s carnitas, Popeye’s spicy fried chicken and Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich on my list of acceptable fast food options.  Starbucks tops my list.  (They have drive-thrus.  That makes them fast food, right?)

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