El Norteño

The Setting:  An ultra-casual family restaurant with a mix of tables & boothes housed in a redecorated Pizza Hut.

The Staff:  Very friendly

The Food:  Pollo asada — Outstanding as usual — The chicken pieces are seasoned well with an equal amount of spices rubbed into every surface of the skin and flesh.  Then, those seasoned pieces are grilled to a dark golden delicious perfection.

But, on this Saturday afternoon, I happened to open the little foil-wrapped pouch of tortillas that in the past I have ignored.  What did I find?  HOME-MADE tortillas!!  What an amazingly pleasant surprise!  The tender corn tortillas were perfectly fresh, delicate and carefully grilled.  Fresh corn tortillas are full of rich corn flavor from the fresh masa used in their making.  Their can be no comparison made between fresh corn tortillas and premade.  The flavor and texture is far superior in the freshly made variety.

Freshly-made corn tortillas are a treat reserved for the weekends at El Norteño.  And, they are served with most of the complete meals.  (The corn tortillas are available until supplies run out)  Individually ordered tacos seem to get the standard premade tortillas.

So, now I have another reason to visit this great little restaurant!  The tv frequently playing Spanish music videos adds another layer of fun.

Star of the Day:  El Norteño’s freshly-made corn tortillas!!  YUM!!   And, of course the pollo asado, too!

El Norteño
5528 Jimmy Carter Blvd.
Norcross, GA 30093

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