Burnt Fork BBQ

Burnt Fork Barbecue

BBQ Chicken, Mac & Cheese, And Brunswick Stew

Burnt Fork BBQ has all the usual suspects and then some.

Both ribs and chicken were moist, tender and heavily spiced on our first visit.  One of us instantly loved the rich blend of spices.  (The other enjoyed the taste.  But, thought there was a bit too much spice rub.)  This complex mix of sweet and savory spices reminded us of Thompson Brothers BBQ.

Paper Thin Sweet Potato Chips

Super crisp and barely a hint of oil, these were great.

BBQ Rib Sandwich

We received a generous 1/4 rack of ribs served between crispy griddled toast.  Usually, we leave the toast untouched.  This crispy on the outside, dense and chewy in the middle toast was worth nibbling on and we gobbled up almost every bite..

The thick coating of spices might give the appearance of an over-cooked rib.  But, every bite was moist and tender on the inside.

Memphis, Kansas City, and North Carolina Sauces are available.  But, our meats needed no further embellishments.  We sampled the sauces on the last nuggets of crispy toast corners.

And, our first taste of Cheerwine

We might not be hooked on it yet.  But, it’s hard not to have a little bit of a crush on something called “Cheerwine”.  We want more of both… Burnt Fork BBQ and Cheerwine.  It might become a new habit.

Burnt Fork BBQ
614 Church Street
Decatur, GA 30030
404 373 7155

1 comment to Burnt Fork BBQ

  • Ajarn B.

    I went there twice while working nearby, and was disappointed both times. Specifically:
    1) My first lunch visit there (around 1pm on a Saturday) was only one server, who seemed to be also working in the kitchen in some capacity, which meant a delay before being noticed and getting a menu. An order was placed, and the food eventually arrived (delayed despite very few customers, only two other tables occupied). There was no refill of iced tea, when I was able to get the servers attention and asked, I was told there were out of iced tea (no reason given why they didn’t want to make more). Food was OK, not quite up to chain BBQ like Sonny’s but more pricey.

    2) Two weeks later I tried again, hoping it was a bad day. Turns out, my first visit was a good day!! I arrived around 12:45 on a Saturday (most tables were full), and was able to order AFTER two other tables I saw come in after I did, about the same time, just behind me. By 1:20, still no food and I had to leave – I was on a lunch break from work. Just one person at my table,. so maybe I wasn’t important. I told the server I had to get back to work and left sans food. I went by the adjacent McDonalds to pick up a quick wrap to eat as i was driving to work, altogether a very negative experience.

    I don’t see any possible reason to try a third time.

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