Graft Restaurant

Graft:  Food, Wine, Community

One Picture Perfect Day

…for sipping cocktails in the shade

Sailor’s Shanty

White Wine Sangria

…and fried calamari with wasabi aioli

Tender calamari in a pleasantly crisp shell, the fresh cilantro added the right dose of freshness.

The Menu

Smoked Chicken with Melon Salad & Mac ‘N Cheese

Hidden under that beautifully smoked chicken thigh and leg was a very generous mound of pulled chicken breast.  We enjoyed both.   And, the melon salad with three types of melon was a perfect way to finish the meal.

The Graft Burger

With caramelized onions, shoe string onions, smoked mayo, and balsamic marinated bits, this burger had a nice blend of flavors to accentuate the rich beef.

You  can literally see the layers of flavor.

Another round of drinks to finish the meal.

And, a dessert…

…or two to end the meal.

We’ll back some time soon to try the wine and food pairings.

Graft Restaurant
516 Grayson Parkway
Grayson, GA 30017
770 338 9001


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