Bacon wrapped Shrimp

These little bacon wrapped shrimp were tasty.  But, we were hoping for something with more toasty, charry bits.  We would’ve preferred less bbq sauce, too.  The bbq sauce almost buried the taste of the shrimp.

BBQ Chicken with garlic green beans & collards

The chicken was perfect… tender, smoky and moist.  And, the sides were stellar.  The green beans were full of flavor with a fresh crispy bite and the right touch of butter and garlic.  The collard greens were great, as usual, with smoky bits of meat throughout.

Sweet ‘Tater Tots

These were new to us.  Sweet potato fries were still listed on the menu last weekend.  But, these crispy tots are taking their place.  They were perfectly crispy and golden brown with creamy centers.  Yummy.  But, we liked the sweet potato fries better.

1190 North Highland Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA 30306
404 249 5000

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