Las Arepas de Julia… a hidden gem

Bandeja Paisa

The deep golden brown  and ultra-crisp bits of pork and pork skin should speak for itself.  This was a decadently rich meal that was consumed (devoured) in silence.  Oh yeah, and that crispy fried sausage didn’t suck either.  If you want to consume a day’s worth of calories in one sitting… this is the meal for you!

Arepa Paisa

Arepa Paisa
This arepa filled with shredded beef, fried bits of pork & pork skin and avocado takes the best of the flavors from the bandeja paisa platter (above) and jams them into a fluffy carbo-loaded wrapper… what could be better… or more addictive.  Love… love… love it.

Arepa de chocolo con queso

The arepa de chocolo con queso brought back memories of Florida.  We first discovered these cheese filled arepas at the Metro Zoo (before the hurricane)… where smiling ladies would grill them before your eyes on a metal grill then wrap them in foil.  Perfect for nibbling as you hike around the zoo.  Later our addiction  had us searching out every art & food festival for the small carts dishing up these tasty grilled corn cakes.  This is a long time favorite (possibly my all time favorite street food).  And, Las Arepas de Julia does them up right.

Las Arepas de Julia definitely qualifies as one of my favorite OTP restaurants
We will be back… ASAP!

Las Arepas de Julia
4044 Lawrenceville Highway
Lilburn, GA 30047
 770 559 4094


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