Absinthe Tasting… next up

St George

St George — Absinthe Verte

We first conducted a limited tasting of absinthe in June of 2008 with the candidates at our local wine shop.  We tasted Lucid and Kubler.  Now, every time we step into the shop, we see a new offering.  St George will be next on our absinthe tasting list.  We’d like to add one more label to the lineup list.  And, our next tasting will include a revised tasting of the first two.

3 comments to Absinthe Tasting… next up

  • Bill Yorks

    I have bee anxiously awaiting your impression of St George Absinthe. Leopold Bros is another great American artisan absinthe.

  • jenn

    where in atlanta did you buy St. George?


  • michele

    Hi Jenn,

    We purchased our bottle at the “Package Store” near Clairmont & North Druid Hills. It’s in the Toco Hills Shopping Center between the Publix and the Bagel Palace. Hopefully, they’re still stocking it!

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