Bernhard’s Bread Bakery

One Perfect Pretzel

This pretzel really is a thing of beauty.  From shape to flavor to texture, this pretzel hits all the right notes.  Dense & chewy in all the right ways, while, still full of enough air bubbles to create the proper texture.   With a near-perfect flavor, Bernhard’s pretzel dough has a richness that can only be achieved with properly matured dough.  And, even though we arrived late in the day, our pretzels were supremely fresh.  They never made it home… we devoured them in the car.

Poppyseed Custard Square

Perfection.  Insanely fresh, the custard was delicate and mildly sweet with the perfect amount of poppy seeds dotting the interior for great flavor and texture.  The bottom crust added decadence with a rich & lovely buttery flavor, but, possessing an almost cake-like tenderness.  It literally melted in my mouth.

Rustic Rye

Super-fresh, dense, & incredibly rich with whole grains, this bread is divine.  This predominantly rye loaf has an amazing complexity.  The combination of rye, beautifully matured dough, and deep dark crust create a loaf that literally oozes smoky nutty goodness.  It is unbelievably good.

Verdict:  Bernhard’s Bakery is a real gem staffed with charming folks.  I love it!

Bernhard’s Bread Bakery
1592 Atlanta Road, SE
Marietta, GA 30060
770 218 1153

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