Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale — Small Town Brewery

Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale Small Town Brewery (5.9% alcohol by volume)

Here’s another seriously sweet one for the books.

It’s kinda sorta semi-interesting. Though the sweetness tends to overwhelm, there is an interesting sugary sweet crystalized ginger flavor that’s present here. So, on the one […]


Kinky Cocktails Kinky Beverage Co.

Labeled a malt beverage in the finer print, we bought these for fun…. and to mock. We completely expected these to be absolutely and utterly horrible. Oddly, they weren’t. They were a bit too sweet, but, really not bad at all. Mango adds […]

Destin & Miramar Beach

Mai Tai

Mermaid’s Brew (in Back)

After that one, we decided to stick with a mai tai… or two.

(Ok, after a few hours, maybe it was more than two.)

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Accumulation White India Pale Ale

Fresh citrus mingles with an earthy pine that makes your lips and tongue tingle, light malt balances beautifully with the hops, a touch of sweetness rounds out the bitterness and leads to a refreshingly dry finish.

New Belgium Brewing


Hop-15 By Port Brewing Co. & Brash’s The Bollocks

Brash — The Bollocks

Port Brewing Co.’s Hop-15

The Bollocks Up Front, Hop-15 In Back

Both so interesting… so very different… and so divine.

This imperial IPA is intensely bitter in a very […]

H&F Bottle Shop

Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic

Instructions for a Gin & (Rudy) tonic grace the side of the bottle.

Ransom Old Tom Gin

This old tom gin is more than just a pretty bottle. It’s barrel aged and flavored with juniper berries, […]

Santa’s Private Reserve Ale — Rogue Ales

What are you putting out for Santa tonight?

We’re enjoying Santa’s Private Reserve Red Ale. This double hopped red has plenty of toasty malt. It’s rich with a deep bitter caramel flavor. And, finishes with a spicy bite from the evergreen. That hoppy spruce finish makes your tongue […]

Boyd & Blair

Smooth, creamy, and clean with a perfect dose of sweetness to help it go down like clear liquid magic, this is dangerously good potato vodka. As you take a sip, you inhale a whisper of caramel sweetness that’s just barely there.

Without a doubt, this is the best […]

Innis & Gunn

Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer

The depth and complexity of oak is mellowed by the sweet vanilla, burnt sugar and hints of rum.

We both loved it. But, there’s more than a touch of sweetness to this beer.

Innis & Gunn

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Bitters & Mixers — Toco Giant

Amargo Chuncho

One of the mandatory ingredients in a Pisco Sour.

Pisco Sour serves 2

4 ounces Peruvian Pisco 1-2 ounces simple syrup 2 ounce lemon or lime juice 1 egg white dash of chuncho bitters

Combine all in a bar shaker […]