Tomato — Deep Fried Crabs

Deep Fried Sweet & Salty Crabs

A visit to Sushi Yoko means a visit to Tomato.  It’s a tradition for us to search out new ingredients or snack foods on every visit.  On this visit, this small package of deep fried whole crabs met the “something new” criteria.  These whole crabs are fried to a crispy, crumbly state that’s slightly harder than a potato chip.  A little chewing reduces the shell to a mouthful of powdery crab flavored bits and pieces.  The taste is salty crab with an unusual background of sweetness.  The salty component we like.  But, it’s that touch of sweetness that’s hard to wrap your head around.  Interesting?  Yes.  Once or twice, at least.  Craveworthy?  Not quite.

7124 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
Norcross, GA 30071
770 263 7838

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